Running is one of the best and easiest physical workouts. All you need is running gear and the motivation to get out there. Having the right gear is essential and will improve your performance. When purchasing running apparel, most people focus more on the shoes and forget about getting the right running shirt.

Custom running shirts feature unique designs and provide comfort. Many brands are also now using custom-branded apparel to promote and market their products. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about custom running shirts.

Factors to Consider When Buying Custom Running Shirts

The choice of fabric is crucial when reviewing sports apparel. High-quality custom running shirts are made using a material with moisture-wicking properties. This means that the shirt will not stick to your skin when you start sweating.

Polyester with a blend of spandex makes the best running gear. It is lightweight and dries fast, especially if you are working out or running under hot temperatures. Avoid running shirts made from cotton. Even though it is comfortable and feels nice on the skin, it doesn’t have the best moisture-wicking properties.

Go for custom running shirts that fit nicely. Comfort is vital, and if the shirt doesn’t fit well, it will affect your performance. We recommend going for a loose fit for optimal performance. Tight shirts and shorts will restrict your movement and may irritate your neck, shoulder, and armpit regions.

If you are after custom-branded custom running shirts, design is a factor worth noting. When looking at the design, consider things like color, logo, slogan, and quality of printing. The color should match your brand. Besides that, it must also be relevant to the cause you are promoting.

The font and logo should be simple and well-readable for proper visibility. Too much information will look noisy and may affect the overall design. Go for a simple and minimalistic design over sophistication.

Budget and price are also crucial factors. Branded custom running shirts are costlier than regular apparel with no fancy design or prints. Consider the quality of the shirt before purchase. Durable and high-quality shirts will be expensive but are worth the extra money.

Read reviews from other buyers, especially when buying a running shirt from a specific brand. Renowned brands in the world of athletics have a proven track record of manufacturing quality gear. The reviews from past buyers or navigate to these guys to learn more about the quality and if the price is worth it.

Making Custom Running Shirts for Brand Promotion

Sponsoring local marathons or walks for good causes is a decent way to market your brand while giving back to the community. Custom running shirts are great promotional products if you are looking for a cheap item with a good ROI.

You can create running shirts with your brand logo, colors, and slogan. Hire a fashion designer to help you develop graphics for the shirt. As mentioned, ensure that the design matches the theme or cause of the event. You can also borrow design ideas from existing running shirts in the market.

Keep it simple and minimalistic for better visibility and readability. During the design process, consider making diverse fits for different body sizes and shapes. Also, have short and long-sleeve options. You can also add a few pockets on the side or front similar to those on cycling shirts. Another great plus would be adding reflectors for safety during early-morning runs when visibility is poor.

Next, look for the best fabric for your shirts. Polyester is the best thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. However, other fabric blends can make quality running shirts. However, ensure that they are lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean. Regardless, always consider your budget when selecting fabric.

Look for a good manufacturer who offers printing services. Check the manufacturer’s website for some of the products they have worked on. Also, look at the brands they have worked with in their testimonial section. Avoid manufacturers with many negative reviews.

Choose the best printing techniques that offer long-term durability. There are various printing techniques such as sublimation, screen printing, and direct-to-garment printing. Each has its pros and cons in terms of durability and cost.

Read the contract terms before signing a deal with the manufacturing company. Ensure that the delivery times are at par with your expectations. Also, go with a company that offers favorable payment terms.

Summing Up

Custom running shirts can come in handy in different situations. Most people use them to promote their brands or small businesses. The shirts feature unique color schemes, a logo, and a business logo.

When making running shirts for your brand, keep durability in mind. You want a shirt that outlives the event while leaving a lasting impression on the participants. Consider the factors mentioned in the buying guide section when buying a running shirt for your daily jogs.