Succeeding in the competitive subscription services industry depends on two factors; devising the right custom printed shipping boxes and making them stand out.

Standing out means that your subscription boxes must enable customers to remember your brand. This can be done by customizing the shipping units to speak engagingly about your brand and products. Customers have a limited, and often short, memory span that requires an impactful visual display of branding features for them to retain the presentation.

Particularly, for the subscription industry, satisfying customers mean that they would subscribe to the products on a loop. These products are directly shipped to the end customers and thus, must be created with customized brand images to give them a worthwhile shopping vibe.

Keep reading to find out how brands benefit from this, how to go about getting the best out of these boxes, and where to get them from.

Subscription box styling

It entails all aspects of shipping box designs. Distinct packaging is required to make a mark in the crowded e-commerce market. When subscription services first began, the boxes were not considered a worthy commodity. Plain and traditional boxes lined shipping docks and eventually, the customers’ doorsteps.

With the rise in e-commerce and online shopping habits, brand differentiation became evident. Customers demanded a better shopping feel with their purchases. E-brands started utilizing the boxes as the main marketing tool. Subscription services are dependent on how effectively they impress customers upon the first contact. New and existing customers alike expect the couriers to surprise them with elegant and quirky presentations.

Knowing what the products offer along with added shopping value is ascertained as the basis of customer loyalty. Subscription service providers depend on this element to survive and thrive in the industry. The box designs give them a pleasant brand aura that they want to experience time and again and thus, subscribe repeatedly.

Enabling safer shipping

A basic factor that defines the prospects of subscription brands is the packaging they use. Shipping can be harmful to products if not secured using reliable boxes. Custom shipping containers are made with corrugated stock paper that is naturally made to cushion sensitive and fragile items against potential damages.

No amount of designing works if the customers open the boxes to find damaged and non-functional products inside. So, going custom helps a lot to:

  • Create specific box dimensions for each type of product.
  • Lower material wastages by measuring the items precisely. It saves costs and reduces the weight of the shipping boxes.
  • Place any type of sensitive items and perishable goods by adhering to their requirements.
  • Label the boxes with caring instructions so the boxes are delivered accordingly.
  • Create a compulsive need for customers to keep up with their subscriptions. Pleasing box conditions along with workable products add to the shopping experience.

How can brands maximize their benefits?

The custom printed shipping boxes are canvas brands that can use for multiple tasks.  Subscription products pertain to a wide range of industries. One of the leading US magazines states that about 4 out of 10 customers change their subscriptions owing to the packaging it comes in. this is highly relevant for brands to consider making their packaging head and shoulders to rivals.

There are several things that you can do:

1. Pay attention to the customers’ demands

When operating in the e-commerce world, brands have to be sound about customer dynamics. Subscription services are sent every month or week. Brands must define their core customers to figure out what box features would cultivate a positive response from them.

For instance, tech-savvy customers are usually in the age group of 20-45. The packaging must be designed with vibrant colors and interactive texts to appeal strongly to these customers. A generic box look would not be sufficient to prompt future orders.

custom printed shipping boxes

2. Know your supply chain limitations

Not every seller has a wide distribution network. Many SMEs in the subscription industry depend on third-party shipping. Brands must print relevant info on the custom boxes that informs all the stakeholders on how to handle the contents.

Getting custom-made shipping boxes works to accommodate all types of transport environments and handling procedures. Stiffer box construct and informative printing are key to ensuring the safety of the products until they reach their destination. This lowers refunds piling on total costs.

3. Enhance the prospects of continuous subscription

What makes customers order from Amazon all the time? They provide reliable services that arrive on time while giving a memorable unboxing experience.

Every time customers receive satisfactory orders, they give positive reviews online. Such marketing antics cost nothing to the brand while introducing the subscription services to more customers. Personal experiences generate stronger customer interest in the subscription companies than digital advertising. Holding onto customers is realized by creatively presenting their ordered products in innovative boxes.

4. Promote the brand image

Consistent branding earns better brand awareness. Customers need to link all the marketing content together to form a persuading brand story. Brands must work with professional box makers to ensure that the shipping boxes are printed with the same brand image.

Even when the same subscription business offers multiple products, the brand identity stays consistent to have a sturdier impact on buyers. The aim is to ensure that customers recognize the brand at every retail point and feel familiar enough to buy from it.

5. Reduce expenses

Taking the custom route for availing subscription boxes works efficiently when it is used to maintain healthy bottom lines. Brands need to determine how much they can spend on packaging and marketing. Going above the figure can be risky as the extra costs may take time to be recovered.

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Once you get to experience the magnitude of possibilities with custom printed shipping boxes, there will be no looking back! Get these to get more frequent subscriptions and outstanding brand identity.