Many students are looking to dive into hospitality in Australia but are still on the fence on whether this is a good career prospect. This article explores why studying hospitality is a good career option and opens doors to many opportunities. Australia houses a lot of hospitality education opportunities and so many schools are popping up to equip students for an amazing careers. There is no better time than now to be a part of this winning industry. We speak with David Antico, a successful business person across various industries including hospitality. He shares the top reasons why studying hospitality in Australia can be the best decision you can ever make.

You Become Part Of a Booming Industry of Hospitality in Australia

Hospitality is one of the fastest-growing industries that is continuously evolving while presenting more opportunities whether in Australia and in the world at large. While some industries might struggle with unemployment in years to come, hospitality has been projected to provide 420 million jobs. The travel and leisure industry alone will account for 11.5 percent of the world’s GDP by 2029. These numbers are not only fantastic, but it also shows how secure the industry is. The more good news? In hospitality in Australia, management is an industry that relies heavily on soft skills and human interaction. In the ever-evolving technological landscape, innovation and automation are likely to have little to no effect. Hence, you are in an industry that is less likely to be replaced by technology in the nearest future. 

You Are Open To A Wide Array of Job Opportunities

As a senior executive and business person, David Antico says he has had a wide range of opportunities opened to him. He has acquired skills and experiences that have helped him reach the heights of the success ladder in no time. From food and beverages, hotels management, event planning to entertainment and leisure, the job opportunities are endless. “Then comes the business opportunities where you can be the boss of your own. Whether you want to open a cafe in your local area, run the best restaurant, or become the owner of a fine wine and beverage store, there is always something for you, David Antico adds. 

Your Hospitality Skills Are Required Anywhere in The World

Want to travel around the world? A career in hospitality offers you this possibility and more. Hospitality skills are something that is required across the globe with no barriers. Gain the right knowledge and skills in the good universities in Australia and zoom off to anywhere in the world that picks your fancy. A five-star hotel in a big city. An exotic restaurant on an island, A well-decked resort in one of the finest places, it’s yours to choose. 

You Get The Right Place To Acquire The Right Skills And Grow

There are different colleges and universities offering various courses that are easy and practical. These courses will not only help in honing your skills but will also provide hands-on experiences required in on-the-field jobs. A perfect place to practice and explore for a rewarding career.