Remodeling an old home can be more tasking than remodeling a new house. You have to remove the old appliances and woodwork in the house, clean up and replace them with new ones. You might need to paint, plaster, reconstruct, concrete, and other remodeling plans which cost money and time. As a homeowner, you might be at a loss on what to leave and what to let go, here is Logan Puller Maryborough, a renowned home contractor who has worked across various projects including remodeling old homes, plastering, patio construction, concreting. He provides expert tips on old home remodeling so you don’t have to worry about how to go about it. 

Here Are What To Do When You Want to Remodel Your Home

Consider your floor plan:

You may retain your floor plan if possible because any expansion may alter the structure of usage. Older houses tend to have a logical flow between the main living spaces. There is a practically workable relationship between the kitchen, secondary entrance, principal entrance, and the parlor.

Retaining it may be in the form of eliminating the prior renovating patterns.

As advised by Logan Puller Maryborough, “What was in vogue two years ago might be out of fashion now, so put that into consideration when you refurbish your home.”

In some cases, you might find it inflexible to wholly renovate your old floor. You can talk to a contractor to help you check what to do.

Do Not Focus on Size But Focus Instead on Efficiency

For instance, it might not be necessary to knock off your walls to expand the square footage of your kitchen when you remodel it. It provides maximum utility and saves you the cost of buying upgraded outfit cabinets. You can utilize your space by installing cabinet height pullout drawers instead of shelves that hog space.

Do Not Add Windows and Use Natural Light

Use less costly and intrusive methods of snagging light when you want to alter the framing. Put in light tubes to brighten up hallways or baths without windows. The light tube slides between the rafters of the roof and lets in sunshine into the room.

Keep The Initial Plaster:

Modern drywall does not have the soundproofing, strength, character, and durability of conventional plaster. New methods have been formulated to conserve outdated plaster ceilings and walls. These include using special plaster washers to steady and reattach tearing and loosened plaster to make it durable.


The floor of a house tells a story. It shows whether the house has been renovated, when, and how. An oak strip flooring that has been planned by a machine indicates the floor renovation took place ten years ago. Assess the suitability of new surfaces with the old floors when you want to refurbish the house.

Consult An Architect:

You can consult an architect if the scale of your project is massive. An architect will visit the site, make multiple drawings, meet with you to finesse the drawings to your satisfaction.

In conclusion, it’s best to first evaluate your house, know the state it is in, and get the opinion of an expert.