Owning your very own holiday home rental is a dream for many people. It enables you to have a place in a location that is close to your heart and could eventually set you free financially.

This is because you can rent it out for many months of the year, which, if you have a team on hand ready to clean the property, maintain it and take care of ‘meeting and greeting’, you have a potential source of passive income.

However, as you might imagine, a few different challenges await you. One such issue is how you are going to decorate your holiday home rental. When you are opening the doors to your property to the public, you cannot realistically treat it as your home.

This means that you need to think long and hard about what furniture will best reflect the price point of the property holiday home rental, the type of property it is, as well as your overall budget to source and replace any items.

Many first-time holiday homeowners make the mistake of designing their dream holiday home and then sticking it on Airbnb. This only makes you overly protective of your property and makes it more difficult to clean or maintain.

To help you solve this problem, here is a practical guide to decorating your holiday home rental.

Make Sure You can Transport Items Quickly and Cheaply

One of the most important aspects of decorating your holiday home rental is to make sure you can transport items quickly and cheaply. This is a common issue that crops up when you are building a holiday home because you might want to source materials and furniture from your native country (or another place that is far away from your holiday rental property).

However, this requires an inexpensive and efficient transport method – such as using a truck loading service. This means you can piggyback off an existing logistics route, placing your items on a truck that is already driving in the direction of your holiday home. This is ideal if you only have a few items and feel it is wasteful to pay for an entire truck just for a small load. Click here to learn more about shipping work options.

Holiday Home Rental Easy to Maintain

Holiday Home Rental Easy to Maintain

The trick to nailing your holiday home decorating is ensuring it is easy to maintain. It is easy to fall into the tempting trap of sourcing expensive furniture, making everything look perfect, and fitting intricate accessories to each room. However, this leaves you open to expensive damages or just a difficult property to keep clean.

When it is your own home, you may not think about how practical it is because you have gotten used to it and treat it with the necessary care it deserves.

However, your guests or cleaners may not be as scrupulous, so keep your property simple and easy to maintain. Make sure floors and surfaces can easily be wiped down, that furniture is hard-wearing, and that you can easily vacuum clean the place from top to bottom.

Don’t forget the soft furnishings either – you want something which can be washed and dried easily, not special dry cleaning only.

Think About Practicality Over Luxury

As we have already mentioned, decorating a Holiday Home Rental property is very different from decorating your own home. You have little idea who will be staying in the place, and even the more conscientious guests will be in ‘holiday mode’ – which means accidents can happen. You want to make sure the property is as practical as possible without sacrificing its aesthetic quality completely.

Make sure everything is functional, reliable, and strong enough to withstand a few scrapes. This also goes for the layout of the property. You want to make sure, for instance, that there is enough space for guests to carry their large suitcases upstairs.

Make sure that the guests should have enough space to eat their food together as a family, that the beds are big enough and comfortable enough, and that you have all the necessary amenities for an enjoyable vacation. Don’t forget the curtains either – you might find gorgeous flowing drapes, but if they don’t block out the light, then your guests will sleep poorly.

A great way to ensure you have a practical place to visit read the reviews from guests. You may find pointers about how to improve the place.

Don’t Fit Any Fixtures or Fittings You Can’t Easily Replace

Finally, you need to make sure you can easily replace anything which is broken, stolen or aging as quickly as possible. A holiday home rental will have to withstand a lot of abuse from guests over the coming months and years, so you will inevitably have to replace some items along the way to ensure the place stays in tip-top shape.

Make sure that everything is therefore not too expensive, rare, or difficult to source a replacement. You don’t want a part of your home broken for several rounds of guests while you wait for a replacement. You will only get bad reviews and feedback.