For some years now, the traditional taxi booking methods have faced major competition from some taxi app services. This is because these have proved to be convenient to the users and charge lesser price comparatively. Apart from that, these transactions are secure and they even provide some offers to the customers. These features are fairly new to the taxi booking sphere and have altered it for good. This started with the Uber being launched some 12 years ago and since then there has been a flurry of doubts regarding how to build your own taxi app. You can visit our website for gaining information on the building and cost of such an app.

Taxi apps round the world

The previous decade has seen a huge rise in the establishment of taxi apps not only in the domestic sphere but on a global level. This makes it easier for you to build your own taxi app with their experiences and tips. These apps have been made to change in accordance with the ethics and rules of the regions they work in. Therefore, it has now been proved that about half of the taxi rides booked around the world have been done through the usage of taxi apps.

Basic requirements for the features

You can visit our website to know more about the features that have to be incorporated in the taxi app. The taxi app needs to balance out between the integration of features which are basic and the ones that make the app unique among the others. Some basic features can be the booking of a cab by putting in the pick-up location and selecting the type of vehicle they want. Another one can be the calculation of fares according to the peak hour traffic and the destination etc.

Phases of development of the app

Research and analysis :

This research is done to build your own taxi app by understanding the conditions and dynamics of the market you are about to enter into. This will assist the development of the app in that you would know the preferences of customers and the features they would require. This will help you gain information about the population demographic and the crowd that is most likely to travel frequently. The best part about it is that you would be aware of the challenges faced by the population and can come up with a convenient solution for them.

Development of a business plan:

This means that there is a need to create a business plan or model before the execution so that the important parts are clearly outlined. This means that you may have to determine the business partners working with you on the app. It should include the proposition acceded to the stakeholders of the business. The most important part is coming up with the total costs that would be incurred and the revenue to cover them. Mainly the revenues come from the drivers, passengers and the promotions put forward by the app.

Development of the taxi app:

The best option might be to use the services of a well-established app development company. It might give you a good shot at developing a taxi app exactly like the one you wanted. This is because the customization here would be convenient. The app development company would not have to use templates made beforehand. They are capable enough to create the app from scratch, incorporating all necessary elements. The apps would necessarily need to have three parts as it is a taxi booking app. The first part would be for use by the passengers, the second one would be for the drivers and the third part would be for the admin who would control the former two.

Launching the app on the market:

The third step would be to deploy the app in the stores like the Google play store and the app store for Apple. Before doing so, it is necessary to ensure that the security check and the regular and penetration tests have been completed. After the launch, the app may have to adjust to the guidelines from various regions and platforms too. There can also be some promotion and hype through online and offline media a few days before the launch of the app.

Maintenance and frequent checks on the app:

The launch of the app is definitely not the last stage as it has to be followed up with some tests and checks on a regular basis. This is because you may have conducted tests before the deployment of the app but there are still chances of errors and bugs coming in. If not, there might be challenges with the working of the app on the new versions of Android or iOS. Therefore, you might need to use different patches for security that can prevent malware or virus from attacking the app.

The cost incurred for building the taxi app

All the functions and features mentioned above come with a cost and therefore, the company must be well aware of and ready to cover them. Once all the features and stages have been outlined in a detailed manner, the calculation of the total cost can be completed. The developers might charge different rates around different regions of the world. For developers in India, the cost ranges from $10 to $80. However, this is higher in developed countries like the United States of America where the rates start at $65 and can reach as high as $250.