Domestic Violence is defined as a crime conducted on intimate partners this is a violent crime. Domestic Violence is no more a personal or family matter it is lawful crime. Domestic Violence is different from other crimes as the victim and perpetrator are no strangers to each other, they are in relation to a marriage or share a common child or cohabitation.

Crime in which partner in a relationship controls other partners by force, threat or violence is characterized as Domestic Violence.

There are various forms of Violence which include: Battery, Child Abuse, Rape/Sexual Assault, Elderly Abuse, Stalking /Cyber Stalking, arson, Trespassing, injury or killing an animal, false imprisonment, destruction of private property, larceny, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Nevada Violence Penalties and jail, it disturbs your social life at great extent. The defendant has to undergo various counseling classes and a number of trips to courtrooms which are time-consuming and have to face prosecutors.

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