Email marketing is a hassle. Your target is tens of thousands or even millions of users, so you can’t be sloppy. You need to proofread the text repeatedly, design the display effect of the mail on various platforms, beware of spam prevention regulations, and have a brainstorming title. Excellent email marketing can do this:

1) Determine the mail destination

After determining the plan for email marketing, you better know what the goal of this email marketing is to promote corporate image and maintain customer relationships. Or do you want to promote the product and promote new products? Once you have clarified your goals, don’t hesitate to let all your work revolve around your goals.

2) Design excellent marketing emails

Mail layout: The message board is not to say that the fancier the better, even the plain text mail, with a simple color can look great. The important thing is to make the reader comfortable and convenient to read. This requires the design of the layout not only to consider the page layout, color tone, font size, etc. but also to fully consider the display effect of the mail on different display devices to prevent distortion.

If you are not familiar with the design, you can use some pre-designed templates – this will save you a lot of time.

Subject text: After everything is ready, the next step is to fill in the text. The process of finding content materials is complex and important. The quality of the content directly determines the quality of the mail, so you need to play a 12-point spirit. Is there a more suitable picture than this picture, can this text be replaced with a more appropriate text, all content needs to be considered repeatedly.

Don’t forget, be sure to check your emails several times, preferably to your friends and have them thoroughly reviewed. Always remember that once you send your email, there is no chance to change it.

Personalized labeling: The best email is to make readers feel that this email is specially made for him. It is like a friend who wrote me a letter, only I can understand the fun. In front of this kind of mail, I will open it, click on it, and then share it. If you want your mail to look like a private one, you should do three things like this:

  1. Group your subscribers and then send each group to their favorite content based on the group.
  2. Increase the personalized name, if you can accurately call the recipient’s name in the letter, you can definitely increase your conversion rate, but don’t overdo it, or you will scare the readers away.
  3. Add flexible content to your emails, that is, your email can show one person such content and another person to show another. For example, your readers will be able to see the recommendation form generated based on his behavior on the website and then receive a product hotspot specially prepared for him. No reader is interested in another person’s email because it is custom-made.

Good sender name and title: Practice has shown that a true and authentic sender name can increase the open rate and click rate. You can use the A/B test to check if this feature is appropriate for your marketing email. No matter what you choose, be sure not to be too fancy, at least to let readers recognize your email.

The choice of the message header is a bit more troublesome. You need to improve your title in many ways, including simplicity and content. Sometimes, some of the best-performing marketing email headlines are just “Hey.” Use the message header that you think is best, and then test its effect with the A/B test.

Editing plain text emails: Many companies forget to edit alternate text and plain text email content when sending marketing emails. In fact, for a good marketing email, plain text email content is essential.

Alternate text is an alternative when the image cannot be displayed. Because not all mailboxes can display images properly, you must provide an alternate text so that readers can understand the content of the message without seeing the image.

Some mailboxes don’t even display HTML mail properly, so you must make sure your mail is okay even when viewed in plain text format. Keep the link in a conspicuous position and express your intentions so that even without any images, it will not affect your email expression.

3) Check if the mail violates relevant regulations

Before clicking the “Send” button, you should check to see if your email complies with all relevant laws and regulations. What are the regulations that you need to pay the most attention to? That must be the anti-spam regulations. So you must add your email address at the end of the page, and then a simple unsubscribe button.

4) Test the effect on different browsers and mailboxes

Every email service provider has its own way of reading the email code. Maybe an email looks normal on Gmail and Outlook, but it will go wrong on the QQ mailbox. So you need to test your email display in the most popular browsers and mailboxes.

5) Analysis and iteration

Now fast forward a few days, after you send the mail a few days, you harvested the user data, what do you do next?

Check your email delivery report and go back to the first step to see which step in your email has the highest click-through rate. If you know how to perform a closed-loop analysis, the entire inspection step will be very organized.

Once you have the data, you have the direction in which the next email goes. Whether you plan to send an email tomorrow, next week, or next quarter, you have a clear guide to getting more out of your next email.