Football is not a game; it is a religion! The football game brings various magical moments that you just can’t miss, especially if you are a fan of this game. Not all teams are best, but they all have some best players. These incredible best players have improved the level of the game every single time. And some have left their mark on the mind of people with their signature move.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Neymar are two of them who are known for their ball tricks and skills. Let’s explore more about them and their football tricks with Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares - Ronaldinho Gaúcho

The real name of Ronaldinho is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira. He is one of those former Brazilian Football players who creates magic every time when he entered the field. Even opponents used to love him for his smile and respect him for his talent and passion. He will always be remembered for his performance, especially where he smashed Real Madrid alone. Since the beginning, he was best in dribbling and ball control. He was so good that even his rivals applauded for him after watching his amazing football skills and performance on the field.

The Elastico is actually very difficult to move to pull off. According to most experts, it is one of the hardest in football. However, Ronaldinho is the one who mastered these skills. Elastioc is the football trick that was actually introduced by him in his own style. And today this move is so common all level of the football association.

The dribbling skills, technical moves, and innovative football game tricks of Ronaldinho are few things he will always be remembered for. Above all, his very special ability was: he made everyone smile. And for this ability, his fans will cherish him for life.


Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares - Neymar

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is popular with name of Neymar. Everyone knows about this talented Brazilian footballer. In the year 2011, he took his team to the finals of FIFA World Cup, and since then he became a popular player among the football fans.

In the year 2013, during the Confederations Cup in Brazil, there was huge pressure on Brazil to win, and Neymar was everyone’s hope. He fulfilled everyone’s expectations by contributing to 4 goals. He always performs well in the crucial moments, and this is the reason why he awarded with the Golden Ball Award for the Best player.

When it comes to his football tricks and skills he mastered, the list is quite long. Few of them are here:

The Pedalada

Pedalada is one of the popular tricks used by many players in soccer. Almost everyone is familiar with this trick, but what makes it special is the signature move of Neymar. He always knows how to make the game interesting on the field.


Caretilla was among the best tricks he used in the game. It becomes more popular in the year 2015 when he played against Athletic Bilbao. Needless to say, the Bilbao players were actually annoyed when Neymar came out with his hidden technique.

The Elastico

No doubt the Elastico is one of the famous style and trick of Ronaldinho who is a former Brazilian footballer. After him, if someone used this trick in the best way is Neymar. His style not only fetches the attention of his opponents but also steals the heart of his fans every single time.

 Final Words

According to Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares, the secret of the success of these super talented footballers, are a positive attitude, practice, and determination. Further, he says, to succeed in this field, play each game as it’s your last, and when you go onto the field, give your all.