After hearing that France finally opened its borders for international students, I am super excited and I can’t wait to scream Bonjour France! Thanks, royal migration for making this happen and without your assistance, I don’t see myself going through the hassle of visa processing all alone, talk more of a successful visa application. For anyone who is considering Europe for studies, permanent residence visits, or any other type of visa, make royal migration your friend. Read the Royal Migration Review as well as proof of their one of its kind services. I owe the company this review and I might as well profit this time to inform others that France has finally opened and it’s time to apply for that visa. And if you already have your student, let’s go explore the international world and all the benefits it has to offer.

A country that has been closed since the beginning of March as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic which sweeps the whole world bringing most countries on a halt. Lockdown and travel restrictions were put in place in order to tackle the virus and prevent further spread of it.

The good news is, France is now returning to normalcy and international students regardless of their country of origin, including researchers and teachers who are invited by any academic institutions, are among the first category that will benefit from the travel restrictions have been eased.

Visa offices open across countries to commence immigration services

Since August, many visa offices have been opened across different countries to commence services and issuing of the passport. Detailed public health measures have been put in place across those places to ensure the safety of the workers and the applicants alike. Courier services are at work and the mobile biometric collection has been put in place to limit personal contact and ensure safety.

Visa and residence permit processing becomes a priority

Whether you are a student in the long term or short term, interns, researchers, or teachers, you are now welcome to France. France has put everything in place to let you kickstart your career safely. Moreover, various institutions and universities are prepared to welcome international students on campus. Visa and residence permit application will be processed on priority so far applicants can prove that they do not have COVID 19 symptoms.  Moreover, international students are expected to fill out a certain International Travel Certificate available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. This certificate is accompanied by a sworn statement that you do not have COVID 19 and it must be presented to the travel companies before departure and also to border control authorities. Irrespective of the country of origin, anyone showing symptoms of COVID19 will be on a compulsive 14-day quarantine.

Therefore, if you are considering furthering your career in France as a student or researcher, now is the time. Borders are opened and international students have been made a priority. Confused about what is required and how to go about it? Contact Royal migration and read Royal Migration Reviews on how the immigration company has been a blessing to many.