If you use makeup, you definitely have favorites when it comes to the products you use. You have different choices, and how you shop for them is also based on your own selection. Truth be told, there are times that you regret the makeup products you purchase. That’s when you think you’ve made the wrong decision because the makeup product is not of good quality.

But you know what? Sometimes, you can be wrong about judging those products negatively. That’s because they are really made excellently as they are, but aren’t just effective for you. Yes, that’s a fact. Makeup products aren’t as helpful for some people as they are for you, and vice versa.

What’s best for your friends’ or even for your blood-related relatives’ skin may come out worst for yours! It’s alright to know the effects of the products they use, but you must keep in mind the importance of buying and getting what’s appropriate and what’s best for you and you alone! It’s not bad to consider others’ preferences and usage when it comes to deciding for your own, but again, it’s always best to think of what’s best for you as an individual.

Below are 6 hacks that will help you to get the makeup products out there best for yourself!


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As mentioned earlier, consulting your friend for makeup suggestions is not a bad thing. Especially if you consider your friend as a trusted “makeup guru”, you can be assured that you will receive honest comments on your own makeup pickings, and that you will get suggestions on how to improve them too.

Even if you and your friend have different personal choices and skin attributes, it will be helpful if you ask, so you’ll know how your look actually is in other people’s point of view. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, indeed, but there’s no harm in getting a glimpse of your appearance — without a mirror but with other people’s eyes.  


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When shopping for makeup products, you have to be very careful because a lot of “stores”, especially online, are not authentic, thus, not trustworthy. There are poor quality items and even fake cosmetics sold which waste time, money, effort and also harm skin health.

You do not always need to buy luxurious makeup products from high-end stores, but highly prioritize getting your products from specialty stores. Aside from makeup boutiques, variety stores and drugstores sell makeup as well. The thing that makes those stores different from forte boutiques is that for some of them, the products cannot be tried on. That’s a con. Well, again, some stores might allow if they have tester strips, but clearly not all.

The good thing about shopping in a makeup specialty store is that you can ask for assistance from the store’s staff too. This is primarily important if you’re not used to buying makeup, or if it’s your first time doing it on your own.

Approach store associates for they can lend a hand as you sort out the makeup products and characteristics for your skin needs. They do a good job in recommending the top brands for you. You can also be honest if you’re looking for cheaper prices, and they can suggest those whose values are just affordable and whose quality aren’t bad at all.


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Read makeup reviews, watch makeup tutorials, ask help from your friends and listen to makeup associates’ tips, but above all, check out your skin first! Know its qualities, so you’ll determine what’s fitting and what’s not.

Look at your skin color. Think of your way of dressing up. Know how you want to appear. Do you want to relay a message through your makeup? Do you have skin issues? Does your skin change visually and immensely when some products are used on it? Consider yourself. When buying your own makeup, give high regard to yourself more than others’ skin. Sometimes, being insecure or too mindful of others’ skin, you tend to follow their footsteps but overlook what’s really necessary for your own skin. Each person has distinct personal features, and don’t set yours aside.  


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When shopping for makeup, don’t ever forget to test how it looks on you under natural light. There’s no realness that can hide from the brightness of the sun. Artificial light can affect, either positively or negatively, how the makeup product appears on your skin, but natural light reveals everything.

You can be deceived by poor quality makeup and colors you didn’t choose if you try it under synthetic lighting. Makeup shops’ and department stores’ lighting doesn’t always give you the most precise look of your face. They aim to make you buy their items. That’s why there are times when you thought that the foundation was actually good for you, but when you apply it at home or when you go outside, you didn’t like it at all.

Without a doubt, if you want to know the best makeup for you, test before you buy, and be mindful of the lighting. If the sun is not up or is blocked by clouds, you can use a warm or natural light source such as LED as an alternative. In the store, go beside the window and use a mirror to see how the makeup looks on you under the fresh sun rays!

Do this or else, you’ll end up buying the wrong makeup and getting nothing but disappointment. You also wear makeup when you go outside of your house, so it is needful to see it under the sun to see it for real.


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The best makeup for you isn’t always what looks best above the rest of the people in your neighborhood. It could also be that makes you feel greatly at your best. You can look good without feeling good, but don’t choose that way.

Not just in makeup but in everything you spend your money on, choose a good and comfortable feeling over mere good looks. In that way, you’re wasting no amount of money and effort.


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There are products that could be tagged with “great quality” and even “good reputation”, but you must keep an eye on their effects to your health as well. This is not only for your skin but for your health in general. Some makeup products might contain ingredients that can harm the eyes, the hair, the lips and other certain parts of the body that get in contact with makeup.

You should check labels to know what your makeup is made up of. Some makeup products that go in and out of spray bottles could bring danger to the lungs. Other makeup goods can also eventually be destructive to brain, both literally and figuratively, because of the chemicals they consist of. There are toxins that can threaten brain development.

Aside from the skin problems that may arise due to the unsuitability of the makeup to your skin, these health issues are also alarming. That’s why to take the best makeup for yourself, you must put your health on top of your priority factors.


“You deserve the best,” they say, but in the world of makeup, the best thing for others isn’t always the same for you. You have your own best, and that’s another reminder that you must be confident whatever time of the day it is! You can be proud of yourself without looking at other people’s image.

If one makeup product someone uses doesn’t work well on you, then it’s probably just not for you. It does not mean you should envy them. You should not look at yourself poorly. Neither be discouraged not be pressured. You’ll soon find the most appropriate product that will address your skin’s needs and even wants.

Aim and seek for the best for you, so you’ll be alright in all aspects. Chin up, be wise and go get the best for yourself.