Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that during this period of dense Kalyuga only the Naam of Allah, Waheguru or Ram can save one from all ailments, worries, problems, and tensions and unites him with Param Pita Parmatman.

There is no other support in this world to be relied upon and make him free from all pains/grievances, except Ram Naam. Hence all are advised to catch hold of the string of Ram Naam firmly and never let it go. If you want to ensure this happiness to stay permanently; please test by the sumrin of Ram Naam for a few hours. You will be fully satisfied of its authenticity resulting in gaining all happiness of this world. Ram Naam is such a boon which can turn all the ailments, worries and problems into happiness.

Respected Guru Ji says that all the religions are equal. All of them teach a lesson of mutual love and love for the Master. The name of the Master does not change by changing the religion. Just as water; if called as ’Jal, Neer, washer or Paani’ does not change its taste, similarly the Naam of Allah, Waheguru or Ram acts with the same intensity in all religions. Its meanings are the same. His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji further says that God is omnipresent, in each and every grain and speck of this world. Man can have access to him only through humility, meekness, love, and cordiality.

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You should do social service, sumrin and selfless service of humanity regularly. Spare some time out of your daily routine for the sake of social service. Spare a day out of a week for this purpose. Then you may see how much happiness is received back from the Master by you in return!  His highness calls upon the Devotees that the period of the hot season is on. Please keep pitchers of drinking water by erecting a water hut and engage an all-time attendant for it. No one can say when the naughty persons/ bad elements may dissolve something to spoil the drinking water. Hence vigilance is also a must.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that Sadh Sangat plants trees and plants during July and August. Please locate the sites in advance for their plantation and contact nursery for their supply. You are requested to look after the plants till maturity. Do not plant the plants for mere formality of posing your photograph near them. Have a look in your vicinity and find any hapless and needy person for want of your help in any manner. Serve him because human service is actually the service of God. Go on doing social service and never leave it alone. God is sure to reward you profusely in its return. The laps of all such persons will be filled by the Lord with extreme bliss. Those with torn pouch will also not feel any deficiencies. God will also grant them happiness. Go on treading the path of Ram Naam fearlessly and resolutely. Then you may see the views of internal divine bliss. The Master will drench you with the prosperities and graces to the brim.

Respected Guru Ji says further that man demands only the worldly things from the Master. Try demanding God from God, because all the worldly paraphernalia are made by Ishwar God Himself. If king himself is demanded from the king then what deficiency can occur? His Holiness suggested that just as a mother rushes to attend a child of her, on yearning for her, similarly if you yearn for the Master then he will surely rush for you immediately. Hence instead of worldly appurtenance demand Bhagwan from Bhagwan. He will enrich you abundantly with divine graces.