A perfect wall mirror will elegantly uplift the aura of your room. It will give a new life to the whole space. The first step to set a decorative wall mirror is to find out what it is reflecting. Always choose a perfect part of the wall to hang a mirror and make a brilliant sense of space inside.

Mirrors are chosen for different functions. In most of the cases, a wall mirror is used for daily chores. Shaving, brushing, combing, makeup applications, etc will need the assistance of a clear mirror. The contemporary trends also make the ornamental mirrors a part of the living room décor. In fact, the millennials choose mirrors as a piece of art that will fit into the new décor quite well. The plan behind choosing extraordinary mirrors is to get a remarkable new look and make the space illusively bigger. Imagine a modern home where the walls are painted with eclectic colors. How beautiful will it look when a huge empty wall has beautiful lighting focusing on a mosaic mirror wall art in the middle? Once you visualize the majesty of this new idea, you will surely start looking for a mirror and even redo a wall to get this marvelous interior décor idea for your home.

How to choose the right wall mirror?

1. Concentrate on the shape first

This is the first step to find a new mirror for your wall. You will have to fixate on a particular shape first. If you find it hard, try to set a mood and then add a mirror shape to it. The illusion of space will be there to accentuate the real attributes of the room. Here are a few expert ideas for choosing a particular shape.

  • Horizontal shape

This shape offers more width to your wall space. The bigger width of this mirror will deliver a sense of breadth to the viewer. Similarly, the vertical mirrors will give a feel of extended height to your small low-height room.

  • Angular shape

The angular or close-figure shape such as square or rectangle will deliver a restrained sharpness to your wall’s décor. The rectangular wall mirror is a great choice for those rooms where space is a problem due to the presence of furniture. Space will open up when the mirror will be hanged on the wall.

  • Curved or rounded mirror

An oval wall mirror is what you need to create for a softer and smoothened décor on the walls. In this case, concentrate on the frame of the mirror that will influence the interior décor of the room.


decorshore 24 traditional mosaic mirror wall mirror decorative wall mirror red silver 1


2. Size

This is where the game begins to be very tricky. Choosing the right size can be tough. Going overboard with a choice will entirely ruin the space. The ideal way to deal with this factor is to choose a mirror by following the tips mentioned below.

  • A larger wall will need a comparatively larger mirror. A small mirror will be lost on the large empty space unless you have other ornamental décor items to accompany it.
  • If you are choosing a mirror as a focal point for your décor plan, you should take a larger one so that it can stand out among the other items you have chosen for decoration. All you have to do is to confirm that your mirror is noticeable.
  • If the mirror is a part of a particular background then choose an extra-large shape.
  • Smaller mirrors are normally chosen to accentuate the lighting of the room. If you want to make a group, it will act as a single one and will automatically become the focal point of the room’s décor.

3. Style

The mirror will become the focus of your room’s interior when you choose the frame wisely. The latest designer frames will carry the ornate points that will decide what to choose for your room.

Choosing a frame will be easy when you know what to look for. The most trending and evergreen choice is the turquoise mosaic mirror. This mosaic frame segment goes well with any interior and will give the richness you always wanted in your elegant décor. Remember, this is the era of abstract choices. You can also go for sunburst mirrors for a huge empty wall. The small mirror with radiating lines will be a great choice to catch the attention of the visitors.


decorshore 36 gold sunburst circular mirror metal mirror wall mirror decorative wall mirror 1 2


In fact, choosing traditional or gilt frames can also make a huge impact on your vintage theme. Many of the homeowners mix things up a little. They try to give the wall more focus by using neutral dull colors and adding a bright mosaic wall mirror rectangle on it. The sunburst mirrors with a golden finish will also go very well in this idea.

Final words

Whether you have chosen a rectangular or a round wall mirror for sale, always stick to a reputed brand to find the most elegant items available. These masterpieces are designed and manufactured by reputed brands. To know more, log into your favorite online store and find the best decorative wall mirrors online.