Suppose you are a well-established brand or business with a decent number of clientele or customers. In that case, we are positive that you may have conducted several hashtag campaigns to boost your user engagement and brand value. 

Hashtag campaigns have gradually emerged to become one of the most promising and innovative methods to spread the word about your brand and make a connection with your existing and potential customers. 

If you notice many people initiating to engage with your campaign by their participation, then Congratulations! 

Your hashtag campaign is a success. But the question is, How do you do it? 

Is there any specific way to conduct a successful campaign? 

Well, It is all about your creativity and innovation. Remember the incredible #IceBucketChallenge, which garnered massive attention from people all across the globe. This campaign received attention from celebrities too! 

While there is no fixed recipe for a hashtag campaign, we can list the perfect marketing strategies using which you can surely build a successful hashtag campaign

Let’s get started! 

#1 Conduct a Thorough Research

Before conducting a campaign, you need to conduct extensive research to understand the basis of your campaign. You need to keep track of how the competitors are performing and how they are conducting their campaigns. 

You need to understand how your brand connects with your target audience and what your existing users are saying about your brand. How well are they connecting with your brand? 

In short, be open to learning and realizing! 

#2 Focus on User- Generated Hashtag Campaign

Of course, Hashtags campaigns can fetch you a lot of attention and increase your brand value. However, the reach of the campaign reaches another level when your users start participating. The most successful Hashtag campaigns to date have been User Generated. Be it Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke campaign or Red Bull’s #PutACanOnIt, they were all User Generated hashtag campaigns and grabbed the attention of audiences all over the world.

By focusing on UGC, you shall encourage others to be a part of your campaign, too, since customers follow customers. 

#3 Keep an Emotional Connect 

Always remember! People are emotional beings. To make your audience a part of your campaign, you need to give them a solid reason and evoke emotions within them. Loreal Paris conducted the #WorthSaying campaign in which they encouraged women all around the world to speak about things that matter the most to them. 

The campaign garnered immense attention from women who came out openly and spoke about several issues. The campaign was so successful that celebrities like Blake lively and Jennifer Lopez participated in the campaign and became a part of the campaign! 

The key point to focus on here is People connect when they feel the need to connect. 

#4 Be Careful While Naming The Campaign 

This point is extremely important and crucial. Be super careful while naming your campaign! Name your campaign in a manner that resonates with your audience. We highly recommend a name that is crisp and easy to remember and understand. Avoid tongue twisters that may confuse the audience. Rehearse the campaign’s name a hundred times before publishing, and we cannot lay enough emphasis on this point! 

The campaign’s name can have a funny twist, but it should not be embarrassing and become a meme on social media instead. Remember the #susanalbumparty? Audiences could not understand ‘Susan Album Party,’ and it became a laughing stock on various platforms. So, be super careful and hear how the campaign sounds before finalizing it. 

#5 Analyze The Results Of Your Campaign

While creating a hashtag campaign is important, it is much more crucial to monitor your campaign’s results! 

You need to see the numbers to judge the success of your campaign. Keep a thorough look at the number of likes, retweets, reposts, comments, tags, total impressions, number of clicks, etc., to judge the effectiveness and the user engagement level of the campaign. You can effectively use appropriate tools to monitor/analyze the performance of the hashtag campaign. 

Over To You

Hashtags are, without a doubt, one of the most prominent and effective ways to increase your user engagement and brand value. 

Apart from garnering attention and increasing engagement, Hashtag Campaigns speaks volumes about what your brand stands for and supports. 

Your customers get a personal insight into your brand, and they start looking at your brand in a different light. 

Hashtags are expressive and can be a great source to make social media an even more interesting platform for your brand. However, creating and implementing a hashtag campaign can be quite challenging for your brand. As mentioned earlier, there is no perfect way to design a hashtag campaign. Still, by implementing the points above, you will surely be able to garner more user engagement and improve your brand value and visibility to another level!