Hudson Sheaffer and Sasha Pieterse welcomed their baby boy, Hendrix Wade Sheaffer, in 2020. Sasha and Hudson are very much in love, evidenced by their social media love confessions.

Sasha gushed about how Hudson brought out the best in her and accepts her true self. She ended it by saying how much she loves him and the man he is. And since people are curious to know about the actress and her family, here is a peek into their lives.

About Hendrix’s Parents

Hendrix’s mother is an actress in The Pretty Little Liars called Sasha Pieterse, and his father is Hudson Sheaffer. His mom gave birth to him at 24 while his father was 31 years old at that time. This is the first child of both couples.

Sasha shared the news on her social media account a week after she gave birth. She wrote that she labored for 27 hours and was grateful there were no complications. To conclude her message, Sasha said that she and her husband love Hendrix Wade Sheaffer with all their hearts.

Pregnancy Journey


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After two years of marriage, Sasha and Hudson announced that they were expecting their first child. The couple were ecstatic to tell the world about their good news. In fact, the pair were expecting their bundle of joy in October. But the child, Hendrix Wade Sheaffer, had other ideas. Hendrix arrived in November instead of the anticipated October.

All the same, his mom and dad were glad of his arrival. In her excitement, Sasha posted a picture of her son who was asleep peacefully beside her with a toy. Additionally, Shahsa posted a picture of the medical center where she gave birth to Hendrix.

Sasha and Hudson’s Relationship

Sasha and Hudson met, fell in love, and got engaged in 2015. They were engaged for three years before they got married in 2018 in Ireland.

The Wedding Ceremony of Hendrix’s Parents

Hendrix’s parents exchanged their vows in Ireland. It was a dream come true and those in attendance were amazed at how magical it was. It was everything Sasha hoped for and more.

Their Marriage after their Wedding Ceremony

Two years after their wedding, Sasha took in and thanked her husband for making her motherhood dream come true. This is because she had thought it would be difficult for her to conceive due to her medical condition.

Her husband, Hudson, also revealed his happiness for their new role as parents. This showed how close and loving the two parents are. Sasha further declared her love for her husband for his support and love.

Sasha’s Medical Condition

Sasha has a medical condition that makes it difficult for most women to get pregnant. Her condition is widely known as PCOS, and it is one of the leading causes of infertility in women.

So when Sasha was diagnosed, she was worried about her ability to conceive a child. It has long been a dream of hers to become a mother.

Fortunately, she was able to conceive two years after marriage. When she heard that she was pregnant, it came as a pleasant surprise to her and her husband.

Initially, she was nervous and thought it would have been more difficult to conceive. She was right to be worried because lots of women battling with PCOS find it very difficult to get pregnant.

Pregnancy Documentary

Since it was the first time for Hudson and Sasha to be parents, they didn’t want to miss out. Sasha especially documented her journey as an expectant mother and shared them on Instagram. It was even on Instagram that she announced her pregnancy on her wedding anniversary.

Sasha didn’t stop there. She had many pregnancy photoshoots and was generous in showing them to her Instagram followers. In addition, she also posted casually captured moments of herself while pregnant.

The Aftermath of her Pregnancy

Sasha was amazed to note that her condition became better when she got pregnant. Her hormones were more balanced, which was a good thing for her. She also hoped that in the future, her PCOS would not give her problems.

According to Sasha, this is not the first time pregnancy has helped women with PCOS. Some women told her that pregnancy stabilized their hormones and made them feel better.

Even after they had given birth, their PCOS symptoms reduced. So, Sasha hoped that she won’t have to suffer from PCOS in the future. Still, she was glad that her baby boy was born healthy, and she didn’t have complications from his birth.

People’s Reactions to her Baby Announcement Post

After announcing the arrival of her baby boy, Sasha’s friends, fans, followers, and family congratulated her. Her post was flooded with many comments shortly after she posted. Her family and friends especially were over the moon for her.

Fellow celebrities and notable media personalities took it upon themselves to wish her well on her new journey into motherhood. Even Lucy Hale, K. Rutherford, Janel Parrish, and so on were not left out. Her Pretty Little Thing co-stars also expressed their joy on hearing that Sasha had given birth.


In conclusion, one could see that the birth of Hendrix Wade Sheaffer is indeed a blessing for his parents. On the other hand, Hendrix is also lucky to be born to parents who love and cherish him. Sasha and Hudson’s fans hope that Hendrix will grow up healthy and free of worries.