The jury is still out regarding whether working from home is the better alternative to commuting to work. As this question rages, HBR went on to explain the benefits of working from your residence.

 Whether you think working from home is better or not, you can still use these tips on how to be more productive as you work from home. For maximum productivity, you can arrange your home office in the following ways.

Choose Your Home Work Space Far from Interference

Rather than setting up your workspace in the communal family space, it is advisable to look for extra space in the house. In case you decide to work from an area with lots of movement, traffic, or activity, your workflow will be disrupted many times.  

By utilizing the additional space in the house as your workspace, it will help in drawing a line between the common area and your workspace.

Do You Reside Alone?

If you live alone, then you will have minimum disruptions as compared to a person living with four children. Still, even if you live alone, your home can always have distractions. Therefore, it is in your best interest to choose a quiet spot away from the disruptions.

Get the Requisite Items to Increase Productivity

Even if you have the quietest spot in your house to work from, lacking the necessary work items will cost you in terms of productivity. For instance, a wobbly chair and a faulty computer keyboard will hinder your productivity.

Being as productive as you would want can be challenging with an office set up that isn’t in the best condition.

How Much are you Ready to Spend in your Office Set Up?

If you can’t afford to spend on a superior office set up, don’t stress yourself as you can work smarter rather than harder. In this case, you can think smartly to get the ideal office set up for your home. Check out the following stuff that can maximize your productivity levels.

  1. A keyboard and an ergonomic mouse
  2. A monitor that is a fair distance from you. 
  3. A chair with a good ground-clearance and exceptional back support.
  4. A desk that comfortably accommodates all your stuff and doesn’t leave you a cluttered workspace.

You might think that searching for the ‘ideal’ mouse is a waste of time. This is untrue because working from an efficient and productive office set up will save you time. Years ago, I found myself caught up with the idea that creating a productive work area didn’t matter. 

This was indeed one of the reasons I found myself in a sticky financial situation. It of course was not the only reason why I found myself trying to get out of debt, but it did make it harder for me to work. Researching the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy process and deciding whether it’s better to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Owning a home and wondering if bankruptcy would stop foreclosure is not something we want to have in our mind. Focusing on the small things at first; desk space, everyday activities, etc. will allow you to create a healthier lifestyle and help prevent yourself from falling down a rabbit hole we never want to find yourself in.

Have a Purposeful Setup

After accessing suitable items to add to the perfect office set up, the next step will be to make it purposeful. For instance, if asked why an object is placed on the right side of the desk, you will have a rational answer for that. 

Although this might seem extreme, it is necessary to design a highly-productive setting with your items.

 This could be interpreted in a few other ways, so for explanation purposes, take the location of the desk. Let’s say that in your workspace, the sun shines directly on one wall. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to work from against the wall, as it might prove challenging to see the screen properly.

 Alternatively, you can set up beneath the window with the monitor’s back to the window to eliminate the glare. Better yet, you will receive some much-needed sunlight.

Ensure that you Soak in Some Sunlight

Working from a home office will not get you the same amount of sunlight as a person who works away from the house. It goes without saying that sunlight benefits our health, so it is crucial that we work in a place where we can receive some sunlight.

At times it can be pretty stressful to work on the same stuff all day. Therefore it is vital to put some brakes occasionally.


Deciding whether to work from home or not is not an easy choice for many people. Nonetheless, if you are in a situation where it is a must that you work from home, these five tips will come in handy in maximizing productivity at your home office.