As a fashion student, I always wanted my own clothing line. Years passed and I became a fashion designer. However, I settled down for a job.


Because I was afraid to take the leap of faith. I had no guidance whatsoever. I didn’t even know the “C” of starting my own clothing line.

Time didn’t stop and I got super busy at the job. One day, I finally found my savior. I learned the art of running a clothing line. That’s when I decided to break the shackles of slavery and pursue my dreams.

In my case, I could’ve started earlier. However, the lack of guidance caused the unwanted delay. But your case can be different, and I hope it will be.

In this article, I’m going to share some valuable tips that enabled me to start my own clothing business. So, if you’re seeking guidance, you’re exactly at the right place.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Be Very Clear on Who You Want to Cater:

Till my last year in college, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cater to men’s, women’s, or kids’ clothing.

Starting your clothing line doesn’t only require you to select what audience you would be catering to. Selecting suppliers, closing sales, inventory, and many other things need to be taken care of.

Only opt for two or more categories if you’re working alone. Because trust me, most people can’t cope with the mounting pressure. Start small, get your feet dirty, and then gradually expand.

Research Extensively:

There’s a famous saying, “Fail to plan is a plan to fail”. Unless you’re planning to fail, skip this heading. Otherwise, get attentive as this step holds prime importance.

Knowing who you’re going to cater to isn’t enough. Let’s understand this with an example.

You may have noticed boys, aged 18-25 like to wear funky clothes. Moreover, their dressing sense changes as they get old. Similarly, when they’re old enough, they don’t dress anywhere close to how they did in their youth.

That’s where research makes the entry. It enables you with vital demographics. Knowing what percentage of people belong to a certain age lets you design and store inventory respectively.

Take Help from the Internet:

When I say this, it doesn’t only mean to get ideas from the Internet. Well, it’s better if you do that. However, you can take social media’s advantage to highlight your brand’s presence.

Actively posting your collection on Instagram or Facebook page can boost your sales. Providing an online store can be a plus point. Moreover, it won’t be wrong to say that with advancing tech, buying trends have seen a rapid change. Now, most people prefer online shopping to going out to retail stores.

However, you have to be on your toes when running an online store. Simply because customers don’t want to miss out on any updated collection. You may need a solid internet connection to update your inventory, anywhere and at any time.

We recommend a connection like Spectrum. Providing quality internet connection, Spectrum’s millions of hotspot connections cover the country with high-speed internet. This way, you can always stay connected and update your customers.

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Get Your Numbers Straight:

When running your own business, it’s vital to keep a check on the mounting expenses. Doing a business is way different than a job. In a job, as long as you’re working, you’re getting paid. However, you may need to work double the amount and still not get paid while owning a business.

Brace yourself to live without a pay cheque in the initial months of your business. Simply because of the ever-increasing expenses you let you take anything home.

However, if you’re careful enough, you can avoid this ordeal. Let me explain how.

First, record every expense. Money spent on marketing, stock, designs, renovation, or anything, it should be recorded.

Secondly, don’t compromise on the quality and design of your clothes. Find another way to cut down the hiking expenses if you have to.

Thirdly, adopt a minimal lifestyle. You won’t see a difference in a couple of months. But believe me, it can bring down expenses in the long term.

Lastly, doing business on credit is recommended, however, there’s a condition. If you’re confident enough about your product and see potential, business on credit is the best option.


Because a credit business may seem like a hassle, but it’s the other way around. It saves your time, and taxes, and keeps your books tidy. Moreover, the credit business allows you to refill the dying inventory in bulk, which can get you a discount.

Expand, but Gradually:

Hasting to expand can leave you in deep waters. It’s never a bright idea to expand your toddling business after one or two stints. Let me tell you the reason behind this.

As a starter, you may generate a lot of traction. Many people may buy your clothes, but that traction is artificial in most cases. People don’t know about your brand and there’s uncertainty involved. They like something and make a purchase. But that doesn’t mean they’ve become loyal to your brand.

To achieve a loyal customer base, this process needs to be repeated for a longer period. Once, they keep coming back to you, it’s the ideal time to pitch them new products.

Otherwise, you may end up with a hefty stock with uninterested customers.

Bottom Line:

Chasing your dreams isn’t a bad thing. However, that chase has to be directional. Pointed towards your goals. These are some valuable lessons I’ve learned with major setbacks and some minor comebacks. Make sure you jump in the right directon!