There was a time when being wealthy meant remaining in the best of health. The entire concept changed in the mid-1990s when the number of workforces outgrew the number of companies employing new professionals and executives. Since then, life has become fast-paced. In recent times, the pace has increased by 20 to 30 percent in countries such as Singapore. Due to maintaining a fine balance between life and career, you face stressful situations, spend a little time with the family. Strain in relationships and the inability to share your depressed feelings can result in illnesses for a life term. In this article, you gain information on how to remain fit in this fast-paced world.

lack of time

Excuses For Not Keeping Fit

The best reason you can tell is lack of time. And it is TRUE. Not even the Supreme Power can deny the shortage of time in your life. But just think over, if you remain fit, you will face fewer health problems in old age. And the major advantage is not depending on others for your daily activities.

In these situations, just take some time and think over. Do you waste time over unwanted issues, such as watching television soaps and serials? Can you make the time more productive? Then cut down on the time you spend and find time for exercise. You can get fit and remain not only in the best of health, but also happy.

Remaining in fitness does not mean that you exercise for ten hours in a single day, and then do not do exercise for the next fifteen days. The concept is to start exercises five minutes every day, and then increase it to thirty minutes. In due course of time, when exercise becomes a routine, the time gets automatically adjusted in daily life.

Yes, we understand that keeping yourself in the fit category is a challenge if you are scheduled to meet deadlines and take participation in meetings. Let us focus on the ways on how to remain fit in this fast-paced world by example –

How To Remain Fit When You Work in First Shift

Do you work in shifts? Then if you are going the morning shift between 7 am to 4 pm, then the evenings are free time, right? So, you can exercise for at least one hour in the park or in the gym.

How To Remain Fit When You Work in Second Shift

Do you work in the second shift? Then the timing must be from 12 pm to 8 pm or from 2 pm to 10 pm. In these situations, it must be a little bit difficult as you come home late and tired. But with passion in your heart, you have the entire morning. You can go for a run on the roads, or go to any classes to remain fit such as yoga, dance, weight lifting or martial art.

night shift

How To Remain Fit When You Work in Night Shift

Do you work in the night shift? Then please note, that this shift can be harmful to your health. Yes, in this era of stiff competition you get good jobs with scarcity. If you are a fresher and have got a job in the night shift, then take time to accept the offer. Please note that we do not provide advice against night jobs. But the human body has been programmed since million of years to work in the day and rest after dusk. In night shift, you are changing the entire life cycle. So, how to remain fit when you have to do night shift?

Changes in Routine

You need to accept the fact in your subconscious mind, that the body needs to be fit in working time. There are many companies such as Mphasis who take special classes for night shift employees so that they remain fit and healthy. For example, you work in a shift timing between 6.30 pm and 4.30 am. You commute to office by company cabs. So, in a general working day, the normal time starts from 6.30 am to 6. 30 pm.  You take your breakfast from 8 to 9 am, lunch between 1.20 to 1.30 pm, evening snacks between 4 to 5 pm and dinner between 8 pm to 9 pm. This is for a normal working day.

But for your work timings, it is from 6.30 pm to 4.30 pm. So change the timings, have a light breakfast between 4 to 5 pm, lunch between 9 to 10 pm, snacks between 3 to 4 pm. For the last meal, you should be careful. You should not skip them. And you can take the meal between 6 to 7 am before going to sleep. You may not remain in the best of health, but yes, you can remain fit.

You can go to sleep at 8 am. And if you wake up at 3 pm, you can do exercise to remain fit and strong. This is how you can remain fit in this fast-paced world.

How To Remain Fit On A General Shift

Then, there are the general shift timings where you work from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm or from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. If you are at the senior level in a company, it is difficult to find time to exercise. You usually come home late, and rarely get time to spend with the family.


Let us imagine, you are working as the Senior content writer of a writing agency in Mumbai. Your company has many clients, one of them is a reputed company which provides doorstep services of home appliance repairs in Mumbai. Although the end timings are 6.30 pm, you need to check the articles of all your juniors and then send to the clients. In this situation, you do not find time to exercise in the morning as you are already tired and need to get some sleep.

But your children are getting tired of your pot belly and wants you to reduce the fat in your tummy. So, they make you speak to your office higher-ups to designate half of your duties to another junior. And your son, being a fitness freak, ensures you wake up in the morning to do exercise. You are also happy to oblige, and within two months find a reduction in body fat. And yes, you have become fit and healthy.

Benefits of Exercise

Instead of going on and on about the necessity to remain fit, let us focus on the benefits of exercise. People with regular exercise patterns are happier, have less fat in the body, and their blood pressure remains to the limit.

A. Plan Ahead

Please note, that to remain in the best of health, and if you want to exercise, you should get the support of your family members. If you are a working professional, it is time to sit with your wife and make a weekly chart. First comes the food – leave out the products with preservatives, opt for natural items such as organic fruits/ vegetables. If you have got family support, you will find more excuses for exercise, have the right food and the most important aspect, you will get happiness.

spend time with your family

B. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Either a man or a woman, you are a social animal. The first twenty years of your life, you are taken care of by parents and blood relatives. The next forty years, it is your duty to take care of them. In between, you get married, have children. So, the additional responsibility also comes in. Add to that huge pile, work, and career. Do you have time for yourself? Very little. When you pile all the work on yourself, naturally you will get stressed out. So, always keep time for family members. A smile on your old father’s face can light a million candles in your heart and keep blood pressure at bay. A blessing from your mother will give the confidence to face a hundred hassles at one time. If you have problems with work, share it with your life partner. She will be a guardian angel in disguise and can give the right advice.


C. Importance of Prayer

No, let us not discuss religion. In this article, a prayer means showing gratitude to the Supreme Power. When you pray to the Almighty for the comforts which HE has given to you and family, naturally you find PEACE. Putting blame on others, loose talk and revenge are some factors which can make you fall ill and suffer from health problems.

D. Types of Exercises

Okay, it is great that you want to exercise. But which type? To select the best for your body, ensure that you look into age and health. If you are a person who has heart problems, consult your physician before joining a running group. If you have a history of high blood pressure, do not go for weight lifting. These small aspects matter. Please do not go for exercises that may do harm in the long term.

On the other hand, also keep an eye for age. Do not feel depressed if you are above sixty, have joint pain and cannot join a running group in the neighborhood. Go for a slow walk in the park with your grandchild. The point is not to skip exercise every day.


E. Sleep

The most important part of health. There are many youngsters, who remain awake until the wee hours of the morning, watching movies and other TV operas. And the harmful part is that they work in day shifts. Do you know, when in deep asleep, your body stretches by one to two inches? That is the reason, why you feel so relaxed and refreshed after a night’s sleep. Skipping valuable sleep can make you suffer from ulcers and suffer from mood swings.  


So, these are the methods by how you can remain fit in this fast-paced world. Hope, you have gained enough information. Now, let us imagine a situation. You are an operations manager in one of the top software companies in Bangalore. Hard pressed for time, you rarely exercise. The main excuse is you can exercise along with a partner, but do not find time to go to the gym. But there is a way out. You can opt for a personal gym trainer assistance. He can come to your home, design the daily workout routines and make you fit. But how to get the best professional? It is easy. Check for home maintenance companies in Bangalore who provide doorstep repair services of electronic appliances. They have reputed gym trainers in their customer care list. Install the app on your mobile, and search for the best trainers near your home. Schedule his visit to your home, and then have a discussion. You can then list out the workout sessions. Exercise every day and you remain fit and happy forever.