If our health is good then we can enjoy every moment of our life like with family & Friends as well as will make our professional life also healthier.

Nowadays, Lots of Persons are doing so many things to look perfect from outer rather than eat a healthy diet to become perfect from their inner side. They like to eat pizzas, burger, noodles and various kinds of cuisine that are tasty but they will slowly, slowly damaged our body, in the end, the result will be we are in the lap of many diseases. So, from now we should have to change our diet with healthy Food Like green vegetables and Fruits.

Now take a look at some few Benefits of Green Vegetables and Fruits:

Benefits of Green Vegetables:


Green Vegetables are rich in all kinds of proteins, minerals, potassium, vitamins & Dietary Fiber. All these help to digest our food. Almost in every vegetable contain low fat, Calories & cholesterol, If we take all these vegetables in our diet, this will be really effecting on our health as well as reduce the blood pressure problem and other dangerous diseases. Vitamin-rich & high water level Vegetables have their own benefits for improving skin tone, protect eyes, give potassium to the teeth, heal cuts, hair fall issues & many others. Also, Green Vegetables good for girls as they suffer from many issues regarding their health. Pregnant Women should have to add salad in their diet, results in build strong bones and muscles and gives energy to them and their babies. You can also go through the below link of the video:


Benefits of Fruits:


Fruits and Vegetables, both are full of vitamins, potassium & minerals, but the fruits have their own properties. Most of the persons like to eat food in their breakfast rather than eating vegetables.

Fruits are rich with anti-oxidants and some of the fruits are helpful in reducing the risk of cancer and also other chronic diseases. Fruit also helpful in losing weight or weight gain because some fruits are rich in sugar, which will be helpful for those who want to put up their weight.

Final Words:

So these are some benefits of Fruits and Vegetables. But use it in proper time & in a proper way. Because, as we said Fruits are rich in sugar, So, we can suffer from diabetes, & tooth decay types problems by eating a high amount of fruits in a day. Always, Keep In Mind, Excess of Everything has been bad, So eat according to the time and limit.