Rema Townsend NYC says when it comes to wedding photography, talent and creativity rules. Many things you need to consider before taking a perfect shot. In perfect photography, there are no retakes and no replays only one and the perfect shot. So what if you have recently started your career as a wedding photographer, here are the best tips for you to capture perfect click.

Make a List of ‘Shots’

Rema Townsend - list for photography

One of the best tips for a wedding photographer is to get the couple to compile a list of the ideas regarding shots that they’d like you to capture on the D- day and so that you can check them off. It will make the work easier for both the couple and the photographer, especially when it comes to family photo shots. There’s nothing more regretting than getting the photos back and realizing you forgot to capture the happy couple with a sibling or best friend!

Coordinate Wedding Family Photography

rema townsend - photo with family

Most time photographers find taking the family photo part more stressful. And this is because people are usually in the festive spirit and it is difficult to reach everyone at the same time. Also, in such a big gathering you usually miss one or the two family members. You can ask the couple to choose a family member (or one for each side of the family) who can coordinate the shoot. They will make sure the presence of everyone, and keep things moving smoothly without creating any mess. So that the couple can also enjoy the party without getting late.

<h2″>Lookout the Location

Rema Townsend - Wedding location

Visit different locations and places before the big day where you are going to shoot for the wedding. It will help you to get an idea of a place in a better way to take exceptionally good shots and to evaluate how the light might come into play. Even you can visit locations with the couples as well where you can take a few test shots with them.

Advance Preparation is Key

Rema Townsend - wedding preparation

No matter how much you try you never when something goes wrong, so it is necessary to make preparing in advance. In addition to, you must have a backup plan (in case of bad weather), batteries should be charged, memory cards blank, get program details of the full day so you know what’s happening one after another. Try to attend the rehearsal of the ceremony so that you can gather maximum information about possible positions to shoot from, including, the lighting, the order of the ceremony, etc.

Share Your Work/Ideas With The Couple

rema townsend - couple

Show them your excellent work, ideas, and style to gain their confidence. Find out what they have planned for their dream wedding shoot, how many shots they want, what major things they want to include, etc. last but not the least thing to remember, if you’re charging them for the event, ensure you have the agreement of price in written and it is agreeable to both the parties.

Final Thoughts

A wedding is all about fun and making memories. Make sure you are confident and comfortable in creating beautiful memories for the couple as it will make them feel relaxed and cheerful. So if this wedding photography is your first project make sure to follow these useful tips from Rema Townsend.