A lot of new websites are currently appearing in all industries. Competition in organic search results is growing dynamically. It is problematic to stand out from others. Of course, every entrepreneur wants to have the most clicks on their website. This parameter is CTR – a coefficient determining the percentage of visits to the site from all searches of a given phrase. In today’s article, we suggest how to increase the click-through rate CTR in SEO!

Table of Contents

  • Definition
  • How to check CTR in organic results?
  • Elements that affect CTR
  • How to increase CTR?
  • CTR and positioning
  • Known about CTR
  • Why is CTR so important?

What is the Click Through Rate – CTR?

CTR is from the English click-through rate. This parameter calculates the ratio of clicks to impressions on a percentage scale. It is calculated as follows:

It is used to analyze whether a given result in the search engine is effective and relevant, and at the same time encourages potential customers to visit the site. The higher the CTR, the better for your business, of course. The click-through rate is the key to AdWords campaigns. However, when it comes to organic positioning, it is still a little underrated.
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How to check CTR in organic results?

If you want to know the CTR for phrases that are displayed in organic results, you must have a Google Search Console connected to the page. First set up a Gmail account or log in to your existing one. Go to the website – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/. Then: Add -> Enter the website address -> Download the verification file and place it in the root directory on your site’s server. You can ask your developer for help or contact an SEO specialist.

Of course, if you had Google Analytics connected before, in the Google Search Console panel you will be able to configure the tool using Analytics. Remember, if you have just connected GSC, the first data will appear after a few days. After the whole procedure, click your website address. Then: Search Traffic -> Web Analytics -> Select Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position.

With Google Search Console, you’ll learn:

  • Under what phrases recipients saw your site,
  • How many people clicked on your site link?
  • What is the CTR of phrases / URLs?
  • What is the average position of the page for given phrases?
  • Which subpages were most frequently clicked?

Elements that affect CTR

You already know how important CTR is for promoting your site. Below are some elements that you need to pay attention to.

  • The page title – Meta title – is a key element. Why? Because it is the largest and bold. Use keywords and benefits in the form of phrases, e.g. “ideal”, “effective”, “and simple”. If this is a blog article, use all kinds of numbers: “5 effective slimming techniques …” It really appeals to users! Just remember that you have 600px at your disposal, i.e. about 60/70 characters. It’s still not worth adding content, because Google cuts it.
  • Website description – Meta description – is the place where you can develop the most. You currently have 158 characters. In this element, also use key phrases, benefit language and add more information about the product or article. An effective way to stand out is to use 2-3 special characters, for example from this site. Also use CTA – call to action, which will encourage you to visit the site.
  • URL – this is not a fundamental factor affecting CTR, although it is worth making sure that the URL is friendly, i.e. contains keywords, not characters, ID and other flowers of this type. A good solution is also to use bread crumbs or breadcrumbs. They allow quick orientation of the user with which domain he is dealing.
  • Rich snippets– its so-called extended fragments. These are custom elements that can significantly help increase your CTR. You have many types of data at your disposal, e.g. price, inventory, number of reviews and average user rating (stars that you have certainly seen), photos, place, and date of the event.

In summary, the content in the search results should be:

  1. Tailored to user queries.
  2. Visually attractive.
  3. Tongue benefits.
  4. Containing CTA.
  5. Extended with larger amounts of data and special characters.

How can you increase your CTR?

Sometimes, despite the high position on Google for an example phrase, the CTR is very low. Why?

  • You are high on phrases about another company.
  • The selection of key phrases is inadequate for the company’s business profile.
  • The URL and Metadata do not encourage visiting the site.
  • Competition has a better-optimized result.

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In this screen, we have highlighted several elements that may be key. The first result has the advantage of several links to other recipes. Two results give the brand, so if they are known, users can follow the merits. Whereas the 7 results can catch the attention and collect more clicks (especially on the desktop version), because the picture appears, as well as the rating stars. It can be assumed that this result will collect more entries than 6 or 5.

CTR and positioning

Google has long been of the view that CTR does not affect Google’s position. The positioners’ opinions are divided, however. It can be assumed that since in the context of Google Ads campaigns Google strongly considers CTR in determining the ranking, why should it not do so in organic results? Since people click on a given result more often than another, then according to the Google principle, to present useful content, this result should be lifted up. In the era of Rank Brain, an algorithm that takes into account how the user behaves on the web and on pages, it should be assumed that CTR influences the determination of search results.