Social Media, sharing funny videos, and instant messaging might be a bunch of tempting distractions for the school going kids but the inculcation of the internet in classrooms offers a variety of benefits too.

In this digital age, where technology has taken over all the important sectors of growth and sustainability, introducing the internet in classrooms is a step ahead. Gone are the days where solely books were responsible for teaching students. The methodology was boring and it was quite difficult to grasp the attention of the class for long.

With the introduction of these online courses and classroom technology, teachers and students experience new ways to study topics, present information, and plan various activities. The Internet has opened new avenues for interactive teaching and streamlined research. Many internet providers are connecting schools with high-speed internet. Cox is one of those providers and you can check Cox internet prices and plans for residential use as well.

The Internet has transformed classrooms in a number of ways. Today, we will discuss all the benefits of using the internet in the classroom.

Access to Information

Although the purpose of education is job-oriented and we have limited education just to get a better place in the corporate hierarchy, there is more to education than we can possibly imagine.

In the 21st century, information is a jewel and helps to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. In countries, where avenues of information are limited, they do not perform well. With the introduction of the internet in a classroom, we can give students access to a vast sea of information.

They no longer have to resort to old outdated encyclopedias and anything they wish to learn is a click away. Teachers also do benefit from this information, as all the resources will be at their fingertips, improving their lesson planning.

Bridges Communication barriers

If you are a teacher, you can understand how communication mishaps can create problems for yourself and the students. With the utilization of the internet, the messages are shared digitally and no one can bring excuses like assignment sheets were misplaced.

Moreover, the internet tends to improve the class community and camaraderie as it facilitates communication even outside the classroom. A class website containing all the relevant material, assignments, and notes can help students in their preparations.

All these activities are great for parents who receive important updates and reminders on their smartphones.

Better Learning

With the introduction of the internet in the classroom, students develop an interest in learning. Internet activities are very interactive and students get direct engagement with the theories and ideas instead of passive listening to lectures. As the subjects are presented in unique ways, it becomes a lot easier to develop an understanding of them.


Back in the past, students had to use library cards, magazines and encyclopedias to find relevant information on their projects. Using the internet in the classroom streamlines all the academic research with the help of an online database and search engines. This allows students to read and understand scholarly publications right from their computers. This is crucial as it sharpens their critical thinking ability and makes them differentiate between the right and wrong information.

This prepares them for the future, as we know how difficult it is to find credible information.

Increased Knowledge Retention

It is important that whatever we teach students, we must develop an interest. Not everyone finds learning from books exciting. Therefore, we need a way to make these things exciting for all the students. There are a large number of resources available on the internet we can utilize to make learning exciting for the students.

For example, explaining how photosynthesis happens from a textbook might get boring for the students. However, you can find tons of interactive videos on YouTube to explain the topic and students will be able to retain all the important information.

Virtual Field Trips

Having an internet connection in the classroom lets students have the ability to take virtual trips to historical places without even leaving school. This is important for low-budget schools operating in rural areas as it gives them a chance to see things up close.

Final Verdict

The Internet has changed learning forever by the introduction of critical thinking and collaboration. It has improved productivity and communication and inculcated leadership skills in individuals.