Inventory is considered to be the core factor in a retail business. It signifies the investments which lied with the item until it gets sold or used up in the production. The money gets charged for storing, tracking, and ensuring the inventory is safe and sound in the warehouse.  When you are unaware of the inventory turnover, it suggested avoiding smart reordering of the products.

An effective inventory management process is essential for all types of retailers like e-commerce, multi-channel, brick-and-mortar, omnichannel, and much more.  The retailers are facing challenges every day with the number of warehouse opening every day, the number of people who are in actual need is growing equal with the number of people who can’t handle them.

Read the whole blog till the end, to get a better understanding of the inventory management which might help the warehouse owners strongly in succeeding.

Inventory Management

An inventory is the stock of goods, products, or materials that the buyers maintain in-store to sell, resell, or repair them, as needed. A vast number of warehouses are built up to store the stocks and inventory of the various businesses. If you have warehouses but felt difficult in analyzing the inventory in-hand, then you can check out the  Unicommerce’s Warehouse Management software, which might assist you in supervising as well as monitoring the inventory in your warehouses.

Inventory Management techniques

  • Shipping in bulk

It is regarded as leading techniques in inventory management which are done as per the demand of the customers. It is always recommended to go by the notion, buy the products at a low rate but ship the products in bulk.

There are many advantages of using this method like high beneficial for the business; the shipping price is less for a few shipments; try to use staple product which has long lives as well as huge demand in the market. And there are certain drawbacks too, they are high capital; storage holding price increases; tough to adjust when the demand differs.

  • ABC Inventory Management 

It is the fine technique to list out the products into categories as per the requirement like in the list ‘A ‘ the most valuable items are put and on the list ‘C’ the least items are put.  There are many benefits of using it like providing the demand after surveying on the product’s popularity; encourage strategic pricing; allow accurate inventory optimization; and much more. And the drawbacks come along with the benefits like overlooking those products which are trending in the market; demand manpower and time; clashes with the other inventory strategies; and much more.

  • Backordering 

It is the retailers or the company’s choice to take orders and get the payments for the out of stock products. It might seem happening but it can turn out to be a nightmare. The retailers encourage this technique as helps in getting profit as well as increase sales; for the small business holders it is flexible; reduce the overstock risk as well as holding cost; and much more. Some of the drawbacks of this technique are high chances of customer dissatisfaction and a prolonged time for the fulfillment


If you recently purchased a new Warehouse but confused with the ways to organize as well as manage it for the future then you need to look out for the specific software to manage your warehouse as well as inventory effectively.

Unicommerce is one such software that monitors the whole e-commerce business appropriately. It helps in organizing the cloud-based ERP with your system’s software. Therefore, it will help you in cutting out the errors, reducing the costs, optimizes the customer experiences, and eventually help you in earning business profits.