Delhi is one of the foremost destinations for fertility tourism due to the availability of top-class quality treatment within an affordable price range. The number of domestic and international patients visiting India for their fertility treatment is increasing. This substantial increase is occasioned by the problem of infertility negatively impacting couples all over the world.

Infertility is an unfortunate situation that halts the capability of an individual or a couple to get pregnant and produce their own child. This sad condition is making a lot of couples miserable by depriving them of the joy of experiencing parenthood. However, a technology invented a solution many decades ago to overcome this wretched situation.

There are various assisted reproductive technologies that aid infertile couples in achieving pregnancy other than natural means. One such famous technique is IVF where pregnancy is made attainable by fertilizing the egg with the sperm in an environment similar to the human body. It is an extensively used ART technique helping infertile couples in fulfilling their dreams of attaining parenthood.

In case you are an infertile couple searching for a prominent IVF center offering a low IVF treatment cost in Rewari, then Go IVF Surrogacy is your best bet. We are a well-known fertility clinic in Rewari having adroit fertility experts and IVF specialist that provide fertility treatment at the most sensible price. Also, we do not compromise on the quality only because we are providing the best quality; we make certain to give supreme quality fertility treatment to the patients with positive results.

Understanding the modern IVF approach

Go IVF Surrogacy offers the most economical IVF cost in Rewari for proving the services of skilled fertility experts who work diligently at every step of the IVF treatment process.

At the initial stage of the IVF treatment, the doctor prescribes some fertility dosages to the woman to stimulate her ovaries and induce the ovulation cycle. As a result, her ovaries make fertile eggs in a big quantity, which are extremely essential to increase the chances of conception. Once the maturity of the eggs is finalized, they are pulled out from the ovaries with the aid of the egg retrieval process.

After retrieving the eggs, the concerned man has to provide his semen sample. The doctor frosts the semen sample and picks the most vital and high-motility sperms for the next step of the process. The obtained sperms are combined with the eggs and consequently, penetrate and fertilize the eggs. Once the embryos are created, they are kept in the laboratory for another 3-5 days so that they can fully evolve.

Then, a minor surgery called embryo transfer is performed in which the doctor transfers the embryo into the woman’s uterus. Further, some tests and ultrasounds are done on the woman to evaluate her condition and confirm pregnancy. It takes about 14 days for a healthy pregnancy to occur.

Receiving a sensible IVF treatment cost in Rewari

Our finest quality services are provided at the most acceptable price without undermining the quality of the treatment. The IVF cost in Rewari comes under the price bracket of INR 1,35,000 to INR 1,50,000 that incorporates the charges of all the relevant procedures in the fertility treatment. Once we receive the full payment, we do not ask for any further charges and also, we help you in managing various costs. The cost mentioned involves the cost of the various fertility medications, the cost of the fertility experts, the cost of counseling, and other managerial costs.

Categorizing the IVF cost in Rewari in two main classes

The IVF treatment cost in Rewari can be divided into two main classes (a) Basic Cost and (b) Advanced Cost.

(a) Basic Cost: Basic IVF Cost in Rewari totals to INR 1,50,000 in which the fertility expert collects the eggs and the sperms of the intended parents for the purpose of attaining fertilization and implanting the embryo into the uterus of the woman. This is the lowest cost you can get in India for a basic IVF treatment.

(b) Advanced Cost: Advanced IVF treatment cost in Rewari majorly depends on the patient’s condition and the cause of infertility. For instance, if a woman is unable to produce a significant quantity of quality eggs for fertilization, then IVF with an egg donor is a viable option; in this case, the cost of the treatment amounts to INR 2,00,000 to 2,30,000 where the additional amount is for the services of the egg donor.

There are other IVF treatments such as IVF with PGD, IVF with ICSI, IVF with IMSI, IVF with FET, etc. These advanced IVF treatments further enhance the IVF cost in Rewari. However, Go IVF Surrogacy offers the most reasonable cost for various fertility treatments and the promise of high-quality treatment.

Go IVF Surrogacy is a firmly established fertility center in Rewari where patients receive efficacious results in their fertility treatment. We make certain to give strong support to our patients during the treatment and our team is always there to respond to your queries. Apart from the low-cost, we are known for serving highest success rates in various fertility treatments to the infertile couples, that’s why international patients are compelled to choose us for their fertility tourism.