Jazzy Distefano is properly called the wife of stand-up comedian Chris Distefano. She is a Zumba instructor who’s certified in spin and organization health. Also, she is the mom of two children. Together they’re making the arena an exciting area for his or her viewers. They use podcast indicates to entertain their enthusiasts. Jazzy additionally called Jasmine or Vinny stocks few of her punchlines and declaration in the podcast. Here you may discover all the information of Jazzy Distefano. Have a have a look at a number of the unknown information approximately Jazzy Distefano right here.

Jazzy Distefano and Her Husband

About Jazzy

Jazzy Distefano was born in NY, the US in 1984, yet she doesn’t look her age because she maintains her body by doing exercises. She was born into a family of four and has a sister and a brother. She is a US national and a Christian with an Aries zodiac sign. Jazzy is beautiful and is blessed with dark brown hair that is long and black expressive eyes. She’s around 1.64 m tall (5ft 4), her weight is 127lbs (57kg), her hip is 34 inches, and her waist size is 27. All in all, she is a slim woman who has maintained her body by regularly working out.

In 2018, Jazzy sadly lost her dad to death and went through a traumatic experience.

Educational and Work Experience

Jazzy graduated from high school and has a university education, so she is very educated. However, the celebrity doesn’t say much about her higher educational background. But one thing is sure, she has the license to operate as a fitness trainer. She is also a great dancer and can tutor a group of fitness dancers. Jazzy is really a woman of great talents, enterprising, and independent.

Before she got her certification as a fitness expert, Jazzy’s profession started as a personal trainer. After she was certified, she started a Zumba workout group for people to practice Zumba. Although she built her career as a fitness professional, she was more known as a celebrity wife instead.

Jazzy smartly made use of her influence and opened a YouTube channel for fitness lessons. There, she posted educational materials and lessons about fitness and the lessons are sponsored on Patreon. The sponsored YouTube videos are ways for Jazzy to generate revenues which she optimized effectively. What’s more, Jazzy also appeared on her husband’s YouTube Videos. This has also boosted her social media popularity and her channel got more fans. The featured video of Jazzy with her husband got thousands of likes and nearly garnered 100,000 views in 2021. Not only that, Jazzy has appeared in several YouTube videos of Chris.

Her Marriage life

Some people speculated that Jazzy is not married, while some said she got married to Chris in 2015. If we follow those that said that Chris and Jazzy are married, then she can be called a married woman. Those who said she is married said Jazzy exchanged wedding vows with Chris in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Not long after, a beautiful baby girl was born. The couple was overjoyed over the birth of their daughter. Six years later (2021), another child was born to a family of three. Jazzy and Chris announced on their YouTube video that they are expecting another baby. Even though Jazzy and Chris have their career, they always find time for their kids together.

Jazzy Distefano and Chris

For the group that said that Jazzy Distefano and Chris are not married, but are just living together. They further stated that no solemnization of marriage occurred between the two public figures. However, even though both are not officially married, people recognize Jazzy as Chris’ wife. On the other hand, some call her Chris’ girlfriend. So, we have two factions. Those who believe Chris Distefano’s girlfriend Jazzy and those who call Jazzy his wife. They believe it doesn’t matter if they are married or not because they love each other so much. Furthermore, their level of intimacy is even higher than some supposed married couples. Moreover, they have beautiful kids that are showered with love and care. Therefore, these people believe that Jazzy Distefano and Chris make a happy family.

About Chris

Chris is a German national and Jazzy’s husband and fathered children with Jazzy. A stand-up comedian, he has made his mark in the comedy and entertainment world. His jokes are quite observatory and make him stand out from other comedians. His first show was with MTV and he has always been remembered as a good comedian.


Chris went to an American high school, then proceeded to further his studies in the field of psychology. Many people were rather surprised to learn that Chris studied psychology in his undergraduate days. He didn’t stop at that, he then went to New York to bag a Ph.D. in physical therapy. After his Ph.D., he worked as a physical therapist for a while before he ventured into a new field. That field is the entertainment industry.

Chris is naturally funny and made good use of his talent to be a comedian. In 2009, he stood up on stage as a comedian for the first time. A year later, he appeared as a TV show host. In 2011, he received his first nomination in the entertainment industry and got to the final list. This nomination increased his popularity and reputation and gave him wings to expand. People started calling him for shows, events, and TV series after that. Chris, who is the husband of Jazzy Distefano, has appeared in various MTV shows and comedy shows since then.

To top it off at that time, Netflix asked him to be an announcer on one of their shows. In 2019, Chris started his own daily show where he performed as a comedian. This show became a success.

In addition, he became a host of his own podcast where he shares jokes with his listeners and followers. Ever since his nomination, Chris has been earning good money and making good use of it. Even his union with Jazzy was fruitful and happy because Jazzy is an enterprising and independent woman. Jazzy also earns good money from her career as a certified fitness instructor and dancer.

Apart from his wife and kids, Chris also has his father, mother, and uncle. His uncle has quite an interesting character and has a lot of social media followers too.

How Did The Two Meet?

During one of Chris’ Podcasts, he revealed that he got attracted to her at first sight. So he put on his charm and stepped on his flirting game. He tried to attract her attention but funny enough, Jazzy Distefano didn’t recognize him even after Cris introduced himself. He was not discouraged and tried harder. Thankfully, his effort paid off and both got together in 2013 and created a beautiful family years later.

Is Jazzy Controversial?

Jazzy is not known to be a controversial person nor is she involved in any controversy. She maintains a good reputation in the celebrity circle which is rare for celebrities to do. This can also be attributed to the fact that she is a mother and wants to leave the best legacy for her kids.

Incomes of Jazzy and Chris

Jazzy Distefano earns money legally from her fitness training work, YouTube videos, and Zumba. She never tries to earn money illegally and this has added to her good reputation. In addition, she can also work as a fitness trainer in fitness centers to supplement her income. However, nobody knows the exact amount of Jazzy’s income.

It is the opposite for Chris. Chris’s net worth is open to the public unlike his wife’s. Chris is worth three million dollars, money he earned as a stand-up comedian. Additionally, Chris earns money from his shows, series, and YouTube videos.

Furthermore, Jazzy Distefano is known to have luxurious taste and owns several cars and a house.

Jazzy’s Fitness Programs

Postpartum Fitness Plan

Jazzy has found her niche and developed her own fitness plans. Her recent development is the fitness plan for new mothers, especially those who recently gave birth.

Moreover, Jazzy is an excellent Zumba dancer and instructor whose dance moves are astonishing. Additionally, she is very fit as a mother and has nimble feet. All these have convinced her students to sign up for her fitness class and trust her. And Jazzy didn’t disappoint. She has helped countless women, especially new mothers to get fit and maintain that fitness.

Also, new mothers have raving reviews for Jazzy. This is because Jazzy is trained on how to use fitness to deal with postpartum depression. She helps new mothers to stay fit and gives them the needed motivation to live a happy life. Her good work has made her gain many followers on Instagram and many women signed up for her postpartum classes.

When asked why postpartum classes are part of her plan, Jazzy Distefano said that she used her story as inspiration. While she was pregnant, Jazzy also experienced postpartum depression and got through it with fitness exercises. This has motivated her to help other ladies going through the same thing. Similarly, her social media accounts reflect her passion for helping ladies suffering from postpartum depression. You see this from her Instagram page where she writes that she is there to help mamas stay positive.

Weight Loss Fitness Program

Another one of her fitness programs is the weight loss program for both genders. She has developed her own special training routines to help people lose weight. Jazzy combines music meant for fitness training with workout routines to diversify her training. Adding music to her training plans has made her training lively, interesting, and fun. Her students enjoy their training time with her because there is never a boring day with Jazzy.


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What endeared Jazzy more to her audience is that she makes her content available to her followers without any hassle.

Everyone who follows her social media account can access her training content easily. Followers on Instagram don’t need to subscribe to a paid plan before accessing their videos.

Social Media Presence

Jazzy Distefano is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Her Instagram followers amount to 24,000 and her handle is jaja_jazzy_. Although she is active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, she is yet to be verified on the three accounts. Her husband is also active on YouTube and has over 150,000 subscribers.

Jazzy Distefano and Chris don’t limit their social media posts to comedy and fitness. They also make engaging and fun posts about themselves and their children.

Jazzy has two names which are Vinny and Jasmine. In fact, some social media users call her by these nicknames interchangeably.


Jazzy Distefano Instagram page can be found on Instagram where you can access the fitness content she has posted there. As a trainer, Jazzy posts fitness-related posts more than any other content on her Instagram page. So don’t be surprised when you see more fitness posts filling her page. Jazzy Distefano is a good social media page manager who knows how to engage her audience and keep them interested. If you follow her page, you’d always want her to post more fitness videos for you to learn from. She carefully creates useful videos according to what her target audience needs. Jazzy put up step-by-step videos on how to start your fitness journey and achieve your desired weight. Her lessons are simple and easy to understand. Furthermore, she tells people the stage where they can start simple exercises and then proceed to vigorous exercises. 


Jazzy Distefano and her husband’s story is one of true love that started from being friends and then evolved into being lovers. While each of them does their own thing, they are very much involved in each other’s lives. They encourage each other and motivate themselves to achieve their goals. No matter what people say about the pair, they are much more in love than ever.

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