Golf Canada governs Canadian golf and has the right to disseminate, govern, and print golf rules in the country. Every four years, it updates these rules to adjust the previous rules and amend any unfavourable clause. This is a joint effort of the golf association in the US and R&A.

These organizations set up a panel that is chaired by Golf Canada. According to a professional golf player in Canada, Me Jean-François Goulet, this committee adjusts and modernises golf rules. Born in 1994, Goulet has been a PGA Tour player since 2012. In 2017, Goulet became the world’s no 25th golfer when he became a Tour Champion. Likewise, he also won the same championship a year later.

Rules Of Golf

The committee’s documents make up the global Rules of Golf. Golf players and interested individuals can read the golf and tournament regulations and playing standards implemented by the committee. Similarly, golf panels and leagues that set up golf matches can read the rules to avoid breaking them. Additionally, players and clubs should consider local golf rules, which are available on the internet.

The 2023 Rules

The 2023 document will replace the previous rules. Golf Canada writes these rules with illustrated graphics. It serves as the main guideline for golf officials like referees, panels, managers, and golfers. These people are also expected to reference the 2023 rule as the standards they must adhere to. Furthermore, the document will have guidelines that will aid those involved in golf in their duties. It further interprets the edited previous rules meant for those with special needs. Note that committee procedures are the public local rules that oversee the establishment of tournament terms. Therefore, the 2023 document is an informative and resource material that will highly benefit the golf community.

Educating Golfers About The Rules

To effectively communicate the importance of the rules, Golf Canada has embarked on training golfers on rules education. This will help to enlighten and train golfers so that they can get the required referee certificates in the future. Likewise, Golf Canada will implement a modern educational system to teach golfers about the game rules. The association modernised the rules to guarantee that the global golf rules are the same.

Other referees in other countries will use these rules in their education and training. In addition, Golf Canada will conduct exams and designate scores the same as other golf-playing countries associated with R&A. Examples of countries that play golf and have associations with R&A are South Africa, Argentina, Canada, and so on.

How is Canadian Golf Different From Others?

While Canada uses a four-level system, R&A has a three-level educational system. So, to achieve consistency, Golf Canada’s system will be modified to suit R&A’s system. Then the country will follow a different program for people to use the Rules at the local and national levels. These modified levels form the new rules of golf in Canada.

Training Levels

First Level
The first level is the elementary level, where golf players learn the fundamentals rules. Golfers will learn the definition of principles, golf manners, and normal golf issues. After the lesson, students in this category may answer quizzes to test their abilities. They can do this before they try the computer-based examination.

Second Level
Students at this level attend seminars on provincial certifications. The Canadian provincial association organizes these seminars. The second level has a curriculum that details the essential playing guidelines. It simultaneously adopts on-course practicals and introduces complex information inside the former rules. Golfers interested in getting involved with competition management or are already involved are meant to go for this course.

Third Level 
Those who are interested in getting their national certifications should sign up for this level. The training is a seminar that lasts for three days for interested golfers. Level 3 advice and guides golfers on the role of an excellent referee. Moreover, it is a seminar meant for professional referees that are determined to practically and technically enhance their referee knowledge. Therefore, this level is a technical level.

How to Contact Golf Canada If You Have Any Questions

If you don’t understand golf rules, or you need some answers, visit Golf Canada’s website. The association has online assistance for people with questions. What’s more, you can easily get your answer when you check the content provided on the web pages. But, if you feel unsatisfied with the assistance, you can fill out the query form on the webpage. You’ll be attended to shortly after you submit the form.


Me Jean-François Goulet advises individuals to thoroughly read and understand the Rules of Golf. This is especially important if they wish to have a career as a referee. And if you don’t understand, you can use the competition hotline to contact Golf Canada for questions about an ongoing tournament. A representative of the committee will attend to you. But if nobody immediately picks up your call, send a message with your name and contact details and write what happened. The committee will get back to you as soon as you send the message.