Little is known about the private life of Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker, especially his married life. But one thing people will never forget is his first ex-wife, Jodi Lynn Calaway. The former WWE champion and Jodi were together even before his fame.

Jodi, just like her ex-husband Mark, is a very private person too. Here is a snippet about the life of Jodi Lynn Calaway.

Who is Jodi Lynn?

Jodi Lynn Calaway is well known as the former spouse of Mark Calaway, aka The Undertaker. She was the first lady Mark married back in those days.

Their wedding ceremony

jodi lynn calaway mark calaway aka the undertaker wedding ceremony

As written earlier, Jodi and Mark were each other’s first loves. They had a long courtship before solemnizing the union in a private ceremony. And in 1993, they were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Their married life was a peaceful one for Mark, as this was the year his career growth increased.

Jodi’s marital life with Mark, The Undertaker

Mark and Jodi met in the 1980s and started dating, then got married later when Mark was 24 years. This means that both got married young, and were each other’s first love. Hence, it is safe to say that Jodi was with Mark when he started his career as The Undertaker. She was also with him when he grew to be a household name. Unfortunately, not all first loves or marriages end happily ever after. This was the case for Jodi and Mark because they separated after Mark became known worldwide as The Undertaker.

Reasons for Jodi and Mark’s Divorce

Mark and Jodi have not yet announced the reason for their divorce. They announced their separation out of the blue and gave no reason. To date, neither Jodi nor Mark are talking about the other party and what led to their divorce. But some people speculate that the differences in their personalities could be the reason behind their separation.

Does Jodi have children?

Jodi Lynn Calaway has one child, a son, from her marriage to Mark. She and Mark have given the child a middle name, Vincent, after Mark’s boss, Vince. Vince is a special person to Mark and vice versa, hence the naming of the child after Vince McMahon. This is because Vince has had a huge impact on Mark’s life. According to Mark, next to his father, Vince is the second man he respects the most.

Jodi’s date of birth and educational background

There is no information about Jodi’s educational background and exact age. None of this information is available on the internet. Her personal life is shrouded in mystery, and she prefers it that way. But her weight is estimated to be around 57 kg, and she is about 170 cm tall.

Jodi’s personality

Those who have come in contact with Jodi Lynn Calaway said she is as beautiful inside as she is outside. She is different from many celebrity families that are only nice for the camera. Jodi’s lovely personality has endeared her to many.

About The Undertaker

Mark Calaway, The Undertaker, is the former husband of Jodi Lynn Calaway. He began his career from a humble beginning before transitioning into a famous wrestler.

When did the undertaker retire?

He retired at fifty-five after being in the ring for 30 years. During his career as a wrestler, he won many world championships in various categories, including the heavyweight championships. His last fight before hanging up the belt was an emotional one for his fans. Even his father and mother are proud of his achievements. The Undertaker has indeed left his mark as a cult athlete in the wrestling field.

After Jodi’s divorce from Mark

After ten years of marriage, in 1999, Jodi and Mark filed for divorce and got separated. This was a move that was hard on Jodi. She couldn’t believe her marriage had ended, so it took her a while to move on, but still she did. Their split shocked their fans then because many believed them to be the ideal couple. Unlike Jodi who remained single after the divorce, Mark has married two times after Jodi.

Mark’s subsequent marriages

A year after his marriage to Jodi failed, he married a colleague named Sara. Sara, like Mark, was a professional and famous wrestler. The duo was known as a wrestling power couple and attended events together.

However, the marriage lasted only a few years and produced two girls. Contrary to his media presence, Mark did not give up on love and got married for the third time. However, he was single for 24 months before venturing into a new relationship this time. His third marriage also produced a daughter.

What is Jodi doing right now?

Nobody knows what Jodi Lynn Calaway does currently, as she is a private person. This is nothing new because she also kept her previous married life a secret. So right now, Jodi is still maintaining her privacy and prefers to be out of the media.

Is Jodi currently in a relationship?

Jodi has stayed single, even after years of her divorce from Mark. She never married, nor is she known to be in a relationship at the moment. But Mark is different.


In summary, Jodi Lynn Calaway is a lovely woman who never let life get her down. Even though her attempt at marriage failed, she stayed true to herself. She has never said anything bad about her former husband, and rather focuses on her son and career.