According to wildlife photographer – Joeri Leeuwerik, smartphone photography has come a long way, and iPhone undoubtedly boasts of the best camera out there. The future of the iPhone photography is definitely bright with more features of the horizon ready to transform the photography landscape.

From cellphone to a smartphone, the smartphone is an industry that has experienced the fastest growth ever and has taken the market by storm. What were once large and bulky items have become small, compact devices the world can’t do without. And one of the improvements that seem to have a major impact on photography is the camera. Various companies have strived to come up with the best cameras over the years and the competition has been fierce. However, we can’t deny that the iPhone boasts the best camera phone so much so that many have asked whether iPhones are looking to replace cameras in the future.

Mobile photography is becoming the norm these days and the good thing is your iPhone is always with you. You can take some candid shots without being tied to the four walls of the room to your desk. This makes it incredibly liberating for any photographic spirit to explore.

The point is who wants to walk around the city with almost 20 kilos of the camera hanging around the neck. It’s definitely not fun, Joeri Leeuwerik, a renowned french photographer says. ‘Although the iPhone is more convenient in terms of ease of use and space, we can’t deny that it is limited in capabilities and settings. It is yet to meet up with the holy grail of any professional photographer: that is DSLR. DSLR offers photographers more options and there is room for improvement in terms of skills. I mean, you get to shot in RAW format, get the best resolution, color and clarity while still retaining the quality of the image. This is most crucial for any professional photographers,’ Joeri Leeuwerik explains.

This is where the Profoto camera app comes in. This is another important aspect that seems to be changing the game in the realm of photography. Light being the core aspect of photography, this app allows professional photographers to use external light such as flash to create amazing images they capture. After all, good lighting can make a huge difference between an average image and one that stands out. Profoto is a great one for that and it can be synchronized with your iPhone for a great photography experience.

One great feature is that Profoto makes use of AIRX technology and smart TTL that gives you greater options that ordinary phone photography wouldn’t achieve. With these powerful technologies, you can successfully bring full professional flash to your smartphone. This way, you can be able to use iPhone photography with nearly thesame capabilities as DSLR.

Not only that, it has a RAW format that is 5 to 8 times larger than the normal JPEG. This RAW support benefit allows you to capture more details, the highest level of quality and allows post-production possibilities.

This is truly a game-changer for any photographers and we can say we look forward to more of these innovative solutions with amazing newer accessories and capabilities says Joeri Leeuwerik. It’s great to see many developers coming up with innovative tools that are empowering photographers to be more creative while according them more freedom.