It can get tiring, deep cleaning the washroom every few months. Isn’t it better to just take an extra couple of minutes to wipe down the bathroom so that it stays clean longer? Definitely. 

Adopting new habits in the bathroom can help prevent the growth of mould and germs. It can keep your washroom hygienic and squeaky clean, whilst saving your time spent on deep cleanings. These regular habits will also help you increase the longevity of your washroom accessories and keep them functional for a long time. 

New Habits to Keep Your Bathroom Clean 

Wipe your shower walls

Even during intense bathroom cleanups, most people tend to skip the walls. But leaving the walls unclean can lead to the growth of mould, and retention of soap scum and body oils on the surface. 

The best solution to keep the walls clean is to wipe the walls after every shower or on alternate days. This way you can enter a dirt-free and extra clean bathroom! 

Rinse sink after use 

Sinks can quickly get dirty, without you even noticing it. Hair, toothpaste, food particles and more can get stuck to the drain or sink surface, leaving a bad impression in the minds’ of your guests. 

To avoid such situations, you can regularly use a brush or washcloth to wipe away any dirt or stains on the sink. Make sure you do this every morning and night, to maintain hygiene throughout the day. 

Always keep the floors dry 

No, it’s not just water! Post shower, the water left on the floor is often mixed with your shower products including shampoo, conditioner, and soap. 

This mixture can get into the grout, and stain the tiles over time. You can wipe the bathroom clean as a post-shower ritual. In the long term, this will help you maintain a clean and stain-free washroom. 

Clean bathroom mats 

Freshly washed mats are a total godsend. They immediately spruce up the bathroom space whilst smelling fresh and clean. 

Throw your bath mats in the washer every couple of weeks to avoid soggy and dirty mats. 

Take the trash out 

Leaving the trash in the bathroom for long periods can potentially attract flies and germs. Make it a habit to take out the trash every once in a couple of days. 

Keep trash bags in handy so that you can use them as and when there is a requirement. You can even install an automatic air freshener dispenser to ensure that your bathroom is free of any unpleasant odour caused by the trash. 

Even with these habits, if you notice that your bathroom can still use some extra help, then read the below tips and tricks to maintain a shiny and clean bathroom.

Unclog Showerheads 

washroom accessories

Those who live in areas with hard water may suffer from having clogged showerheads. Showerheads can get extremely clogged if they aren’t taken care of promptly. 

If you are thinking of replacing them, don’t! There is still hope. 

All you have to do is remove the showerhead, dissolve a couple of denture tablets with some water. Soak the showerhead in the mixture or just soak it in a bowl of white vinegar overnight. This technique will dissolve all the minerals deposited in the blocked showerheads. 

If your showerhead cannot be detached from the fixture, then take the mixture or some white vinegar and add it to a plastic bag. Tie this bag around the showerhead and let it sit for two hours. 

To ensure that the showerheads are fully unclogged, use an old toothbrush, or a needle to poke out the holes on the device. Wipe the showerhead’s surface clean to enjoy a clog-free shower. 

Clean Glass Doors 

One of the very first things that get dirty is the glass shower doors in bathrooms. Water, soap, and grime can easily leave marks on the glass, giving a messy and unappealing look to the washroom space. 

Try these tricks to get yourself a sparkling bathroom:

1. White Vinegar 

Keep white vinegar in a spray bottle and a sponge in the shower. After you get out of the shower, spray the glass surface clean and enjoy a spotless glass door. 

2. Shaving Cream

Squirt some shaving foam on the glass and use a dry cloth to wipe down the surface. The shaving cream will leave a thin film that will keep the door from fogging up and becoming grimy. 


Clean Bathroom Tiles 

Bathroom tiles can be extremely dirty, filled with dirt and germs. They also look very unpleasant if the surface hasn’t been cleaned. Regularly cleaning the bathroom tiles is the best way to avoid scum and grime on the surface. 

You can frequently clean the tiles with a mouthwash that contains a tooth-whitening agent. Or you can make a mixture that contains borax, baking soda, and water to scrub the floor using a toothbrush. 

If you are dealing with badly stained spots, then soak a cotton wool ball in household bleach and set it on the stain for a couple of hours. This should help remove the stains.

Remove Rust Stains 

The best way to get rid of water rust stains on taps, tubs, sinks, and commodes, is by squeezing some toothpaste on a toothbrush, and scrubbing away. 

An alternative to that is using borax and lemon juice solution to scrub the stains. The sooner these stains are taken care of, the easier they are to remove. 

And there you have it. Habits to keep your bathroom clean and some tips to give your bathroom a little edge over your guests’ bathrooms! Remember spending even a couple of extra seconds and minutes can completely change the way others see your washroom. It is best to take care of the space because if your washroom is fresh, then so are you.