Kelcas Corporation, a renowned company producing oil independently in the Ohio River Valley. The company is actively involved in the exploration, production, and sales of pre-designed and customized oil and gas while also offering transparency for investors.

Even before the name of our company was given birth, it all started in 1886, when oil was discovered in Illinois Basin and the first extraction of fossil fuel was made. Kelcas Corporation was among the first to make discovery and extraction of oil in this area. It wasn’t until the 20th century that production of this highly sought after commodity really took off. The founders, recognizing the potential of this new commodity found in the Ohio River Valley formed an Exploration and Development company. Kelcas Corporation was officially founded in 1988. The journey to success all started with the establishment of approximately 300 wells in five counties near the Kentucky/Illinois border. The company has grown in leaps and bounds since then.

Why kelcas Corporation Explores for Oil and Gas in the Illinois Basin?

The Illinois Basin is primarily in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, nestled in the midcontinent of the United States. Oil production has been the major contributor to the Illinois economy since the early 1900s whereas coal mines have been in operation in the 1800s. Hence, these Paleozoic formations have produced huge quantities of oil and natural gas which have greatly contributed to the growth of the state. It has around 160 fields located in the southern part of the state and it has proven to be very stable over time.

The highly permeable sandstone or rocks are major sources of mineral resources in the Illinois Basin. The major mineral resources the Kecas Oil company have explored and produced include:

1. Petroleum

More than 4 billion barrels of petroleum have been harvested in the Illinois basin with the beginnings of the 1900s as the starting point of a major production. There are approximately 32,100 oil and gas production wells with a daily production of 1.5 barrels per day. Kelcas skills, determination, expertise makes them achieve excellence in no time as the company records 1/2 million barrels of production in 2007. Hence, reaching a highly successful exploration and excellence.

2. Natural Gas

Recent drilling activity has targeted Shale Gas in the region of Devonian-Mississippian which has demonstrated the potential for enormous growth in Illinois. However, the decline in oil prices and the strict regulation on high-volume hydraulic fracturing in 2014 have threatened the production of natural gas which is seen as a by-product. Undeterred by these challenges, Kelcas Corporation remains strong and continues exploring and drilling of oil and gas wells in different areas. 2017 was a good year and the beginning of greater exploits as the company acquires its largest acreage ever.

Oil and Gas Production Reporting App

Kelcas Corporation takes pride in its investors who have contributed to the success of the company. To promote transparency and help investors track oil performance in real-time, the company invested an oil and gas production reporting app. The oil industry is one of the most crucial markets in the world. Hence, real-time information is as good as gold. This smart move by Kelcas will help investors keep track of the pump rates, financial performance, and many more. Hence, investors will be able to make informed financial decisions.

The Kelcas Corporation boasts of 8,900 acres in Kentucky for a potential resource play of +400 wells. This is simply the beginning with the company’s rapid growth, and success, as the company partners with the biggest oil-producing companies in the United States.

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