Jewellery has always been a lady’s best friend as you all must be knowing. Jewellery was initially worn by the Egyptians as a sign of their rich heritage, from there to here the modification and fusion of jewellery has come a long way.
Now a days the designer jewellery are in trend because of their unique and intricate work. The designer jewelleries have proved to be a very big game changer in the jewel saga as these beautiful pieces are specially designed for a person as per their requirement.
We at tjori aim to provide you with the work of our finest artisians of designer jewellery’s just a click away. Earlier the women used to save their hard earned money and then spend it on the a particular type of jewellery like diamond or gold or silver but now with the invention of designer jewellery the multitude has grown a lot., thus giving the customers a wider choice to choose from.


  • ANUKALPA- This collection of designer jewellery consists of exclusively brass made nose-pin which have intricate detailing on them with platting of gold.
  • AFGHAN MYSTIC- This collection consists of specially designed neck-pieces, earrings, maang teeka and paasa thus giving you a whole designer jewellery collection. What makes this collection special is the use of unique colored stones along with the brass metal.
  • SAMUH- The samuh collection is one of my personal favourites as the designer jewellery in this is a fusion between the tribal jewellery and modern day jewellery thus grabbing the attention of all from college going girls to office going women.
  • FEDHA- This beautiful collection focuses on the Jammu’s traditional artwork, crafted in sterling silver featuring the contrast glass beads.
  • DURGA MANIMUKTA- This collection is considered to be a sacred collection as the designer jewellery is made by crafting the images of gods and goddesses which are gold plated.

And many more collections that you can check out on


Well pearl is unique in itself as we all know it’s charm never fades, so here we are presenting you our most unique collection ‘less is more’ and ‘amaryllis’. The pearl jewellery is considered to be a unique style as it is known from the ancient times that this was a status symbol and it was possessed by the richer houses only and not everyone.

This collection consists of beautifully handcrafted neckpieces with intricate work on them along with the bold statement earrings, in addition to these we also give you pearl bracelets.


The best part about pearl jewellery is that it can be styled with traditional attire as well as a cocktail party or a casual outing. You can style simple pearl jewellery at a formal event for elegance or you can make a bold appearance by donning the pearl jewellery at an informal event.