Are you contemplating the formula for a best-seller? Suspense is the topic when it comes to fiction books. You need a story that will completely captivate your readers and keep them turning the pages until the very end.

But how to make your book into a bestseller once you’ve produced one that delivers exactly what the reader was hoping for when they picked it up? There are a few steps you’ll need to do.

So, you aspire to be a best-selling author and are aware that your first book must be excellent. You’ll want to create a book that readers will enjoy, Idealistically, your book should have a cascading impact. Whether you choose self-publishing or traditional publishing, you should avoid blunders because the quality of your book will affect how many copies you sell.

Spend time on book promotion

You will need to dedicate enough time to your book marketing, at least initially. Just be aware that your contribution will be directly reflected in your final product. Get your book in front of as many people as you can in as many different ways if you want to turn it into a best-selling book.There are several methods to do this, like sharing it on social media or talking to your friends and family about your book. You might wish to share your launch with the online community of people that follow you or your blogs.

Those with whom you have previously collaborated can be anyone, such as your coworkers or clients (if you have written non-fiction). But it’s also possible that acquaintances might be drawn to your book.

You could wish to inform folks who are associated with the industry about your book if you’ve published one on it.

Select traditional media

We live in a digital age when digital marketing has understandably taken over, but one should never undervalue the influence and strength of the online press.

When you hear the term conventional press, what comes to mind? You’re correct, of course. We’re referring to conventional radio, magazines, newspapers, and television shows.

Timings are the key to using the traditional press to your advantage. Before the book launch, you must contact the traditional media. Once you figure out the timing, you might discover that the traditional press has a significant impact on the initial sales of your books.

Obtain Reviews

It will be simple for you to receive reviews from possible friends and family members, but how will you get reviews from readers who are strangers to you but still choose to buy your book? You get the idea: you’ll need a plan to get them to post reviews.

And the plan may be as straightforward as creating some purchasing bonuses. Sending individual thank-you emails to your initial customers is one option. A thank-you message for choosing the book should be included in the email.

Then express your gratitude for their assistance while including links to purchase extras. Finally, request their more assistance by politely leaving a review of your book on Amazon or social media.The reviews that follow will help your book rise in the rankings, allowing more readers to find, purchase, and review it.

It’s more likely that this cycle will continue and lead to your book becoming a best-seller in the end.

Initiate a live broadcast

Start an online party for your online audience as another strategy to make your book a best-seller. Virtual parties, it’s true, are a great method to advertise your book online.

All you have to do is start a live broadcast about the book, during which you can discuss a variety of topics, including why you wrote the book in the first place, the target audience, and the benefits the book offers readers.

You might as well tease your target audience by reading them an extract from the book to give them a taste of what they can anticipate from it.Even better, you can give customers who buy during the live broadcast a discount and hold a contest for them.

Asking people to post about the book launch or the live broadcast on social media can also be used as a marketing tool for the virtual party or live broadcast. You’ll be astounded at how well these kinds of marketing techniques can work in your favour.

Make a podcast

Learn about a few pertinent podcasts and subscribe to them. The launch of your book will be greatly impacted by the podcasts. The significance of the podcasts’ relevance, however, cannot be overstated.

For obvious reasons, it is worthless to spend hour after hour listening to interviews on a variety of podcasts if those listeners are not the target group for whom you created the book.

The Lesson

Prioritize quality above quantity if you want to write best-selling books. Regardless of whether you choose traditional publishing or self-publishing, your book should provide the readers with what they are looking for after reading the hook or the cover title.

The quality of your book will determine whether or not it is worth selling thousands of copies, as the average book sells only a few hundred copies before it becomes obsolete.