Since its launch, TikTok gained its popularity in full swing and shone as the globally rapidly growing social media community. TikTok crossed over 1.6 billion downloads on the app store worldwide and has over 850 million active users every month. 

TikTok platform attracted the tweens and teens with its features every day. The app has a majority of Z generation audience, and they enjoy watching, creating, and sharing the exciting & interesting video contents to their circles. 

Nowadays, businesses and brands are making their presence on the platform to increase brand awareness and gain more conversions. If a brand’s targeted audience is younger, then TikTok is the golden platform for them to start. 

Brands are using TikTok’s advertising features to reach their audience on the platform. Here, we can see the types of marketing and advertising that brands are using on TikTok.

There are various techniques you can apply to market and advertise your brand on the platform. You can market your brand in the following methods apart from using paid advertising programs on TikTok.

Join Hands With Influencers

It is a cost easy way to market your brand on the platform. You can join with influencers to advertise your brand; Influencer marketing is also more effective in increasing brand awareness.

You can gain your business Return On Investment(ROI) by 11% if you work with social media influencers. CashApp markets its brand on TikTok after joining hands with the influencers.

The primary thing is to select the right influencer. Please don’t choose the influencer because they have huge followers and views. Pick the right influencer who uploads content related to your goals and brand.

Choose the influencer from your industry or niche. For instance, if you are a tech brand, partner with a tech-related influencer to promote your brand than a fitness influencer.

Spread Your Content On Other Platforms

You can spread your TikTok video content by uploading them on other social channels like YouTube, your website, etc. TikTok video contents are more prevalent on Twitter and YouTube. Naturally, many trending videos you see on your Twitter feeds are from TikTok. 

Spreading your content to other platforms helps to reach your brand reach and visibility. If you have a small advertising team with a tight budget, you can utilize this method to gain your brand awareness instead of putting huge money on paid advertisements.

Advertising Your Brand’s Channel On TikTok

You can create a channel on TikTok if your brand’s audience is active on the platform. It helps you to grow a good relationship with them. 

The primary key is to deliver entertainment and value through your TikTok channel. Then, you can market your channel using influencer marketing or paid ads. Don’t forget the users visit the app to have fun and entertain. If you show ads that only advertise your service or product, you won’t get a massive engagement. When there are more comments for a video, it becomes viral soon. So it is a good strategy to buy TikTok followers to your account who will then post comments for your videos. You want to grab your viewer’s attention within your short video content; otherwise, they scroll to the next content.

Make a TikTok Challenge

Challenges on TikTok are the most famous video format. Viral TikTok challenges on the platform gain more interactions. Launching a challenge campaign is one of the great ways to advertise your brand on TikTok. 


Using ads on TikTok is an excellent way to gain brand awareness, leads, and sales for your online shop. The primary task is to target the real audience and post video content ads that cover the user’s attention.

We hope these points surely help you to get started with making your ad campaign.

Don’t forget that even paid advertising on the platform is expensive; there are other ways to market and advertise on the platform, such as influencer marketing, etc. with lesser amounts.