Mica is one of the most essential components used in various economy sectors as a versatile mineral for years. From heavy industry to small crafting businesses, many processing industries want a pinch of this sparkling natural stone mineral for enhancing their products. Enterprises purchase this highly demanded mineral from mica powder suppliers that provide top quality products at competitive prices. Here are some areas where mica flakes and powder are adopted as main ingredients in processing.

1) Epoxy coating

Home and business property owners love to keep their flooring constructions smooth and clean. While the concrete materials hold the weight of the floor at the bottom part, the coating top layer needs a strong and thin surface. The surface plays an important role in protecting the construction from heavy impacts and erosive elements. When mica powder is added to the thermosetting resin or epoxy, the mixer becomes harder and shinier. The type and amount of mica powder determine whether the appearance of the floor should be opaque or translucent.

2) Soap

Soaps and toiletry items come in a wide range of forms, colors, and scents for different purposes and functions. At the time of processing a line of products, the specific ingredients are mixed with vegetable or animal fats. When the main ingredients are settled in a container, mica powder is added to the mixer to create a color that suits the color of the fragrance. For instance, a specific amount of mica would be needed to develop the lavender color of the products is meant for lavender-scented items.

3) Printing and press

In the printing industry, a variety of tools and equipment are used for embossing the print on a surface. Stamps made of rubber and other materials are used for putting graphic designs on various products. If the design requires a sparkling surface, the factor will add the mica powder in the printing ink. When the mica mixed is transferred on the surface, it produces a design with a shiny graphic. Apparel manufacturers, ceramic materials, and other printing businesses buy mica powder online and stock the product in their factory units.

4) DIY products

Besides mass products in big factories, mica powder and flake are also have a high demand for making handicraft products. Many homemakers want to make household items as hobby and fun in various ways. They use mica for producing DIY items such as candles, fabric paint, bath bombs, paper objects, fabrics, and glittering cosmetic items that can use mica flakes. When mica is mixed with bee wax when it is hot, the mineral will blend with the wax easily. After the mixture is poured into a mold with a wick in the center, the final product looks like a candle with marble coated on the surface.

Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that suits a multitude of objects in our surroundings. Enterprises of different sectors heavily rely on mica powder suppliers when they need to make their products more attractive to customers.