Millie Blackmore, a mere 13-years-old, was just one of the many innocent victims of the notorious polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs. President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church), this notorious child rapist married not only Millie, but also two other Canadian minors aged 12 and under at the time. Unfortunately, Millie was just one of many who fell victim to his predatory schemes.

Warren Jeffs was found guilty of heinous crimes such as rape and aggravated sexual assault against a minor, and is now serving a life imprisonment sentence in Texas. Additionally, Millie’s parents were charged with child trafficking offenses by Canadian authorities.

Millie Blackmore, 13, married Warren Jeffs in a spiritual ceremony

On March 1, 2004, Millie Blackmore, aged 13, married Warren Jeffs – the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – in a spiritual ceremony in Colorado City, Arizona. Church records reveal that Jeffs also married two other Canadian girls, Alyshia Rae Blackmore and Nolita Collen Blackmore, both aged 12 at the time, in December 2005 at the Yearning for Zion ranch in Texas.

Additionally, Blackmore’s half-brother reported that her sister Annie Mae Blackmore had also married Jeffs at an unknown date.

Forced Marriages End in Conviction of Millie Blackmore’s Parents 

Poor Mille Blackmore was unfortunate to have been born into the wrong family. Her father Brandon J. Blackmore and mother Gail Blackmore had other plans for their daughter; they brought her from Canada to the United States in 2004, alongside Alyshia Rae and Nolita Collen, to marry Warren Jeffs – a now imprisoned cult leader. 

Millie’s parents were followers of Warren Jeffs and had obliged to his request for marriage with their teenage daughter. Warren Jeffs has married many women prior, without any real record or knowledge known about them other than what he wanted people to know.

The same could also be said about Millie and her experience with Jeffs’ marriage proposal until his daughter Rachel exposed some details in an interview with Vice media outlet. Rachel spoke of the time when Mille arrived at their house after being taken away by her parents – not forgetting her continuous cries that could be heard throughout this period of transition from one household to another. 

In 2014 Millie’s parents – were charged with one count each of removing a child from Canada for sexual purposes. It was alleged that they had taken three underage girls – Millie, Alyshia, and Nolita – to the United States to marry Warren Jeffs. Prosecutors charged two former bishops from British Columbia, Winston Blackmore and Jim Oler, with polygamy at the same time as the charges were filed.

Rachel Jeffs is married with Brandon Blackmore 

In September of 2017, Rachel Jeffs and Brandon, Millie’s half-brother, exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony. The marriage marks a unique connection between the two families as Rachel is the daughter of Warren while Brandon is related to his wife through marriage. Prior to this union, Rachel had been previously married to Richard Allred.

Millie’s husband, Warren Jeffs, is the reputed father of no fewer than sixty children. It has been widely reported that Jeffs maintains a large family of no less than seventy wives. Among them is Merrianne Jessop – she happens to be the sister of his first wife, Naomi Jessop.

Warren Jeffs’s Corrupt Leadership of the FLDS & Arrest 

Warren Jeffs is a notorious figure, known for taking the reins of his late father’s religious group – the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (FLDS) – and leading it in an oppressive and corrupt manner. Inheriting control after his father Rulon passed away in 2002, he quickly imposed strict rules on members’ finances as well as cutting them off from external communication.

Additionally, allegations of sexual misconduct against underage girls were unearthed by investigators and it was believed that Warren had given out these girls to older male followers promising loyalty in return. 

Prior to Warren’s rise to power, his father Rulon T. Jeffs was the President of the FLDS group who took over Joseph Smith’s role as prophet within the Mormon Church back in the 1820s.Rulon Jeffs passed away at the ripe age of 92, leaving behind an extensive brood; his twenty wives and sixty children, along with numerous grandchildren.

He was renowned for advocating polygamy among male adherents; even his son replicated these teachings by furnishing girls as spouses in the form of ‘gifts’.  Though polygamy was banned by mainstream Mormonism even then, Rulon encouraged his male believers to take multiple wives which acted as inspiration for Warren’s own tactics later on. 

By the time Warren Jeffs  rose to power, it was believed that he had around 20 wives but this number increased drastically when authorities arrested him with 78 brides reported 24 of whom being minors aged under 17 years old one of whom was Millie Blackmore.

The grim details uncovered during this period only further highlighted how far down a destructive path Warren had led people into before finally falling victim himself leading many to wonder if justice can be served from behind prison walls where lies a “president” turned “prophet”.

On January 2007, Warren Jeffs attempted to commit suicide by hanging himself while in prison. This act of desperation prompted medical attention and observation that lasted until 2011 when doctors found him veering dangerously close to death from fasting for three days.

He told the staff that he was not on a hunger strike, but only fasting. Faced with an uncertain prognosis, the doctors decided to put him in a medically induced coma where they treated him for his conditions such as the ulcers on his knees due to kneeling and praying for long periods of time in his cell. This decision ended up saving Jeffs life, though exactly why he fasted is still unknown

Where is Millie Blackmore, Warren Jeffs’ Former Wife?

Millie Blackmore has been missing from public view since her association with him. Neither social media nor any other online sources have reported on her whereabouts. 

When the Canadian Government was searching for Warren’s three wives – Millie, Alyshia and Nolita – they were thought to be living in one of his western United States or Canadian compounds. 

Even today, there is no definite information regarding what has become of Millie since then. It remains unknown if she has remarried or remained single ever since she parted ways with the leader of the religious sect.