Super P Force is a drug based on a comprehensive solution to male problems. The combination of two (and not one, as usual) substances at once allow you to fight immediately with two of the most unpleasant male diseases: premature ejaculation and weak erection. This is just a revolutionary medical tool like ed shots with which you can enjoy intimate relationships for much longer.

Super P Force is made from two different foundations that help men fight their problems. On the one hand, this pill is made on the basis of Tadarise 20 , which causes a much-needed long-lasting and strong erection. On the other hand, a drug is used here that allows for a long time to increase the duration of sexual intercourse and to delay the moment of ejaculation. The most amazing thing is that you can use the Super P Force to treat each disease separately, prevent such problems, and simultaneously solve two problems at once! Each active substance of these tablets works separately from each other, which allows not to exert any negative effects at the physiological level.

Drug action

An important point when using this drug is the time through which it begins to act. After all, both problems, regardless of whether they are caused by age or a polluted environment, are solved by two different properties of Super Vidalista. Let’s take, for example, that we use pills at the same time to solve the problems of premature ejaculation and unstable erection.

Within half an hour after applying the Super P Force, the man will have a strong erection and a willingness to have se*ual intercourse. This will happen due to the fact that beneficial substances increase the flow of blood  and this period of time is enough for them to bring it into a combat state.

And in order to calmly have s*x, without thinking about the imminent end of this process, you will need to wait about an hour and a half. Therefore, it turns out, in order to have the highest effectiveness of the drug, you must wait an hour and a half after application. During this time, all useful properties will work in full force.

Application and dosage

A tablet is taken orally for an hour and a half before the alleged proximity with a partner. It should be borne in mind that its action will not begin without natural. It is recommended to use half the tablet, depending on the tolerance of the body, you can use the whole, – 1 tablet is the maximum daily dose of the medicine. The effect will last about 10 hours, in order to obtain higher quality, it is better not to eat fatty foods and alcohol.