Organizing a relocation is never an easy task. One can never get enough help to end this process successfully and without any inconvenience. If you are organizing your NJ move at the moment, here is all you need to know on the subject. Our tips, tricks, and pieces of information will be immensely helpful, so keep reading.

A need-to-know before moving

About New Jersey

New Jersey is a mid-Atlantic country located in the northeast part of the States. If you observe the borders, it is the peninsula conveniently tucked between New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. The large portion of the country is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean making it a perfect spot for those looking to enjoy beautiful beaches in summer. Geographically, the majority will say there are two main regions, North Jersey and South Jersey. However, if you ask any of the locals from the central area, you will soon realize that Central Jersey is a totally different geographic and cultural area. When gathering all the facts for organizing your NJ move, you will soon see many reasons why this is a popular destination for a lot of people.

The climate condition in Jersey City

The only situation when you can forget about Central Jersey is if you are looking at the climate. There are two distinct climate zones in the state of New Jersey: the North Jersey zone and the South Jersey zone.

You have a humid continental climate with hot summers and colder winters in the north part. Moving to this part will most likely provide you with a lot of recreational and fun activities during the winter.

Beautiful field with trees in NJ in winter.

On the other side, there is a humid subtropical climate with hotter summers and mild winters in the south. Even though summers are hot and perfect for beach and watersport enthusiasts, temperatures are rarely high like across the Hudson River in New York City. Many people are seeing this as a feature when thinking about moving close to New York. There are many Hudson County based relocation specialists more than willing to help if you are among these people.

A proper way of organizing your NJ move

At least 2 months before moving

Start your preparation now

Do not think you have all the time in the world to get everything right. Start planning and organizing things as soon as possible. It would be better to end up with extra time to double-check everything than having a last-minute, nerve-racking moving in a rush. Set your New Jersey moving plans in motion at least 2 months before moving day.

Search for a moving company

Contact as many professional moving companies as you can and compare them. They need to be fully licensed, insured, and they have to be able to do an on-site estimate of expenses. Don’t forget to check if they are specialized movers in case you need to deal with sensitive items like to relocate your instrument in NJ.

Contact all the important parties

It is time to contact landlords and real estate companies about your rents or sales. Let your family and friends know about your moving and see if they can provide you with some help if needed. Contact doctors, schools, and other institutions about all the paperwork you need to do. Check with your neighbors for any information regarding the upcoming move, some of them might have more experience with regulations and procedures.

List your possessions

It is incredible how many useless items we have in our home without even realizing it. Scan throughout all your possessions and sort them out. You will need to do a full scale decluttering if you want to move efficiently. You don’t want to drag all those stuff with yourself. At least, this is the opportunity to start anew.

Plan a garage sale if possible

We are often not in a position to organize a garage sale, but if you can then do it. By now, you will have a pretty good picture of what you don’t need to keep. Plan your garage sale because it can help your moving budget. Otherwise, think about giving away stuff to charity or even recycling some of your items.

Talk with your kids

If you have any kids, now would be the time to talk to them. It’s better to prepare them in time and give them a little space to adapt. Also, try to include them in the entire moving process since that can help them deal with the stress greatly.

Beach with people in NJ

Recon your new neighborhood

Get your kids and go on the exploring trip to your new neighborhood. This way, you will be ready in the first couple of days and you can gather a lot of useful information about schools, amenities and such. Make it fun and interesting for your kids so they don’t feel sad about moving.

5 weeks before your move

Organize packing

Start by deciding if you are going to hire professionals to do the packing or you will do it yourself. If it’s DIY packing then you will need a lot of packing supplies like:

  • boxes
  • tapes
  • wrappers
  • markers
  • labels
  • ropes

Group the similar items together and think about safety measures so your items don’t break during the transport. Also, check about the insurance for your household possessions with the moving company.

Deal with the paperwork

Schedule your utilities and services for turning off so you don’t pay extra bills. Change your mailing address and transfer all vital records. It will take some time for this procedure to finish so hopefully, it will be done right before you move.

The last 3 weeks of organizing your NJ move

Deal with your traveling arrangements

Decide if you are going to drive to your new home or you are going to arrange other traveling means. If you are driving, now would be the time to inspect the condition of your car and double-check the routes. Take the car to the mechanic for closer inspection and make sure it’s ready for the trip. If you are not driving, schedule your traveling date and check about luggage restrictions with the traveling companies. Don’t forget to organize a special transport for your pets if you have any. Also, you will have to do the same if you plan to take some plants in your new home.

A dog playing in the water on the beach.

Start cleaning both old and new home

For this, it is best to hire professional cleaning services. It may look like you are going to save some money by cleaning yourself however, you will most likely not. Because you need to buy cleaning solutions, tools, supplies and spend a lot of time doing it.

Throw a garage sale

Now is the right moment to throw your garage sale and enjoy the last period you will spend in your “old” neighborhood. Talk to people, share experiences and make it fun for your youngest. Kids just love to be a part of this so let them deal with selling some minor items.

Conclusion on organizing your NJ move

Organizing your NJ move should not be terrifying if you think about all the details. By now, you are almost there. The moving week is all about double-checking everything and finalizing the entire process. Pack your essentials so you are ready upon arrival and contact all involved companies to confirm arrangements. Oversee the entire loading, be kind to your movers and get ready for the trip. Take a good rest the night before the move, and focus on your journey to the new home.