When we are driving on the road in our car or motorcycle, we may uncertainly meet an accident. After Accident, we are not sure who is at fault, but we see another person always at fault, but that may not the case always.

Nevada had a special rule known as a modified comparative fault rule, according to this rule when an injured person is found at fault. The portion of compensation shared with an injured person is reduced. If the injured is at 50% fault then the compensation amount towards your damage drops to zero and you will be barred to collect anything from the other party.

There are certain Damage caps also defined under specific rules in Nevada. There is ‘one bite’ rule in Nevada, which is applicable to animals who bite like dogs, there is a law in Nevada which governs Personal injury from dogs bites.

There is a certain time period when a person can file for Personal Injury Lawsuit, you have two years to file a case after dating of accident in Nevada Civil Court.

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Personal Injury in Nevada includes Car Accident, Motor Accident, Burn Injury, Wrongful Death, Dog Bite, Defective Products, Brain Injury, and Premises Liability. If are you inexperience and want to file a case against an insurance company, it would be a very hard time for you without proper guidance and lawyer.

It is very important to have proper knowledge and guidance to fight against private and public insurance companies or an individual to claim your damages. If proper guidance is not received on time you may lose the correct time of action and it may result in failure.

The claims that the plaintiff could seek as compensation include medical bills, pain, and sufferings, lost wages/future earning capacity. Although the law protects the person from negligence or intentional act from another.

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