It’s not a monumental proposal without the exceptional moment being accompanied by a remarkable diamond engagement ring. The most expensive royal engagement rings in the world are in possession of the royals and the public loves to talk about them.

Let’s explore 5 unique and most expensive royal engagement rings of all times with Peter Wilson in Rocky River.

1. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary’s freakish royal engagement ring. It highlighted an evaluated one and a half–carat emerald-cut diamond flanked by two emerald-cut rubies says Peter Wilson in Rocky River. And since her matrimony, she has supplemented two supplementary diamond baguettes on both sides of the rubies. Crown Prince Frederik chose to give this ring to symbolize the shades of the Danish emblem. Depending on the essence and precise aspects of the diamond and gemstones, it has been estimated that the cost of the innovative ring will be around $25,000 to $30,000.

2. Meghan Markle’s Ring

The ring that the Prince represented to his wife Meghan was particularly customized by him. According to Peter Wilson in Rocky River, the ring featured a 5-carat diamond that is framed with two 0.75 carat round diamonds. It is also said that the ring was made from Princess Diana’s personal collection. Also, the ring is modernized from a unique traditional strap style with diamonds. The middle jewel’s Botswana origin is studious of Prince Harry and Meghan’s peculiar relationship with the country and their bestowed devotion to social and environmental accountability. The cost of the ring is estimated to be $120,000.

3. Queen Maxima’s Royal Engagement Ring

Queen Maxima is incipiently from Argentina, but now she is the Goddess of the Netherlands. She was proposed by now King Willem-Alexander with an oval-shaped diamond ring. This ring is also in the color that symbolizes the national color of the Netherlands, orange. There is no erudition about the specific price because the ring is unprecedented and the gem is rare, so the approximated value of the ring is between $20,000 and $200,000.

4. Queen Victoria’s Ring

Throughout her reign in the 19th Century, it was customary for a female monarch, due to her extraordinary status, to propose to her prospective fiance. Queen Victoria’s royal engagement ring, by today’s measures, had a freakish and somewhat inquisitive design – a serpent. It may appear like an incredible leitmotif for a ring that signifies love, but serpents at the time signified wisdom, integrity, and responsibility. The ring had a mix of jewels, rubies, and diamonds set in it. Also, it was colorful like her personality.

5. Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Engagement Ring

In the year 1947 Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten bestowed to Queen Elizabeth with an embroidered and vintage diamond engagement ring. The delicate platinum ring showcases a three-carat diamond flanked on every side of the ring. Before he intended the proposal, Prince Philip put a lot of insight into the design of the ring to combine emotional value to the engagement ring. He incorporated a series of diamonds from a tiara his mother, Princess Alice wore back in the day. The ring is absolutely an exceptional piece of jewelry that most unquestionably ads to the Queen’s diamond collection.

Final Words

According to an expert Peter Wilson in Cleveland – a Certified Gemologist at Howard’s Jewelry Center in Cleveland, these are the 5 unique and most expensive royal engagement rings of all times. For more information, one can comment in the comment section below.