You can hear the gasps and a stadium go silent when an athlete’s knee buckles during a game. The worst fear for the fans, the team, and certainly for the athlete for himself or herself is that they have a torn ACL. We have all heard it called a “season-ending injury” and we all know that for some athletes it can be even more devastating than that having even more far-reaching effects.

Physical Therapy for ACL Recovery

It typically takes 8 to 12 months to heal completely from having an ACL surgically repaired. You will need to rest and allow your knee to heal for the first couple of weeks after your surgery. After that it is likely that you will need physical therapy for ACL recovery. To regain the strength and mobility of your knee and help your procedure have a successful result, you will need to get regular exercise. Your exercise program should be overseen by a licensed physical therapist to ensure that it will be both safe and effective.

If you are recovering from having your ACL reconstructed, and you need physical therapy for ACL recovery, you will want to find a skilled physical therapist that will take the time to develop an individualized plan for you that will help you to heal at the right place for you. It is important that you have a physical therapist that understands your needs and goals.

The physical therapy for ACL recovery that you choose will ultimately play a huge role in how successful your ACL surgery is. You will learn specialized physical therapy exercises after ACL reconstruction surgery that you can do at home to help you advance your recovery even more.

Physical Therapy Exercises after ACL Reconstruction Surgery

When you attend your physical therapy after ACL reconstruction surgery in Philadelphia, it is important that you take the time to learn everything you can from your physical therapist. They can teach you physical therapy exercises after ACL reconstruction surgery that will help you speed up and protect your recovery at home. Doing these physical therapy exercises after ACL reconstruction surgery can also help you to protect yourself from future injury.

Taking the time for proper physical therapy is an investment in yourself, and it is one that you must make if you want to achieve the physical results and competitive success that you desire.

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