Pillow boxes are one of the most adorable packaging solutions used mostly for gifts and favors. They have a pillow like shape that enhances the uniqueness of the packaged goods. These cute boxes are perfect for small items like candies, chocolates, Jewellery, etc. They are made with eco-friendly materials like cardboard and kraft and are highly durable and resilient. Customizable in all sizes, these unique boxes are decorated with attractive designs in vibrant colors. They are coated with different kinds of laminations for added protection and fineness. These adorable boxes can be made further alluring with metal foil stamping and die-cut shapes. They are excessively used on occasions like birthdays, weddings and other celebrations all over the world for surprising the loved ones with gifts and distributing favors among people. Custom Pillow Boxes are also used for the retail packaging of items to present them beautifully to the customers and enjoy boosted sales. 

From birthdays to Christmas and valentines to Easter, Pillow boxes are seen on every event. Their enchanting appeal adds value to the packaged favors while making a great impression on the receiver as well. The most special events like Bridal parties are also incomplete without these amazing boxes. Now you may be wondering what’s so special about them. Let us discuss this in detail.

Fancy Appearance:

Bridal parties are associated with everything perfect, admirable and gleaming. From the outlook of the venue to the makeover of the guests, everything about the event is beautiful and alluring. So the gifts presented to the couple on such a special occasion or the favors distributed to the attendants also demand an attractive appearance. This can be made perfectly possible with pillow packaging boxes. They are perfect to match the alluringness of these events with their enchanting appeal. These pillow shaped boxes complement the decor when placed on the gift tables. Their fancy appearance makes them stand out among all the other gift boxes. With special embellishments like ribbons and sparkles, they become even more beautiful. These fascinating boxes are usually foiled with gold and silver metallic inks to complement the extravagance of the event. They are highly admired by everyone and enjoy a special preference among all the other packaging options. 

Readily Accessible:

It is no wrong that weddings are the events where so much needs to be done even at the last moment. The preparations take so much time and attention that gift packaging remains the last thing in your mind. Then you have to rush to the market at the last moment to grab a perfect gift packaging box to wrap up those special gifts that you have to present to the couple. This is where pillow packaging comes as your savior. Due to the great demand for these adorable boxes, they are always available in the market. You can get them in all colors and prints. Wedding themed Custom Pillow Boxes are also easily accessible in attractive designs. Grab the ones that suit you best and you are good to go.


Although there is a huge variety of pillow favor boxes available in the market, if you want to get them customized for your special event to distribute favors to the guests in an exclusive way, then you can talk to your vendor about their personalization. Many local and online companies offer complete customization of boxes to fulfill your desired packaging needs. Discuss your demands with them to have the boxes in your desired sizes, designs and printing. In the market, these pillow like boxes are usually available in small sizes, but you can have large pillow boxes by getting them custom made. You can get them printed with the names of the couple, their images, wedding date or some special quotes for them. It will make their special day more special while making an everlasting impression on the guests as well. 

Trendy Yet Handy:

Pillow packaging boxes are one of the trendiest packaging solutions and are handy at the same time. They are quite light in their weight and thus convenient to handle. Their assembly is also quite easy as you just have to push the sides of the box to transform them into their functional condition. They sometimes carry a ribbon or rope on them that works as a handle to ensure maximum customer convenience. These easy-going boxes occupy very little space due to their compactness and thus perfect for every event.

Light on Budget:

When everything is extra costly on the bridal parties, the pillow favor boxes stay lighter on your pocket. Despite being fancy and adorable, they are much inexpensive than the other packaging options. Being cheap in their price, they add value to the packaged favors. They are made with recycled materials like kraft and cardboard and thus offered at reasonable prices. Another factor contributing to their cost-effectiveness is their flat shipping. As they are shipped in flat form, it makes them occupy lesser space which eventually results in increasing their feasibility for you. So being an affordable yet attractive packaging option, these boxes are preferred on every event. 


Besides a lot of benefits, another advantage of having these adorable boxes is that they act as a revolutionary step towards a greener planet. Kraft pillow boxes are made from organic recyclable materials which are safe for both the encased goods as well as the environment. Their recyclable and biodegradable properties help prevent environmental pollution by reducing the amount of waste. Consumers are now more inclined towards the sustainability of the environment and thus prefer having products that do not contribute to the deterioration of the ecosystem but are eco-friendly.

So the Pillow packaging has tons of advantages that make it a perfect choice for gift packaging on your special occasions like bridal parties. They are fancy enough to match the nature of the event and add value to the packaged favors at the same time. These customized boxes help people keep their memories with them forever. They are highly admired all over the world and a perfect way to pamper your loved ones.