The PlayStation 2 (PS2) was once a big part of most of our lives. It was revolutionary in the games department. There was a  wide variety of games that you could choose to play on it. A pretty good way to spend quality time with your friends and family playing competitive games. That was a golden era because there weren’t any mobile phones and just quality time with family and friends. Though the PS2 isn’t worth much today because its successors PS4 and now PS5 dominated the market along with XBOX 1 and series X.

There was a wide variety of games you could choose from to play but there were also those games that were made in a limited quantity or were made in a large quantity. However, only a handful have made it to this day which makes them worth quite a sum of cash. If you happen to have a PS2, use the Sony PlayStation 2 component cable to connect it to your TV. Here is a list of PS2 games that are worth a lot yet till today.

Dragon Blaze

This game was only released in Japan but later was released in Europe as well. Today its copy can cost £72 to £180 which is not as much as other games on this list but it’s where we start. The prices of the games we are mentioning up ahead will blow your brains out!

Haunting Ground

This was a Japanese horror game that received mixed reviews and not the best graphics of that time yet today its worth is as low as £310 stretching all the way up to £720! This is staggering considering you can buy 2 of the best consoles on the market offers today for that price.

Rule of Rose

There is another survival-horror game that was published in 2006 in the US. This game grew a huge moral panic in Europe as rumors said that it contained brutal violence against children and some even claimed it to be nonsense. In the UK it got banned which made it famous because not much was sold and a sealed brand new disc can be found on eBay for as high as £1300 which is way too much money for a 15-year-old game.


Yet another Japanese horror game which is an absurdly priced game for what period it comes from. It can be found online for as low as £260 and as high as £650!

Last Words

In a nutshell, the gaming era of PS2 was an absolute banger because as we mentioned previously it was a revolutionary period for all of us. Though we can’t say much about these games because of how their storyline was and how badly they were made at the end of the decade. However a half it worked out quite well for people who bought them and are making hundreds if not thousands of dollars from these CDs. Yes, the games are still valuable!