Are you searching for fashion that truly makes you the center of attention? Queen of Sparkles offers an amazing collection  of clothing that brings out the sparkle in everyone.  The Queen of Sparkles believes in putting a sparkle in each and every day, a little extra that pushes far beyond extraordinary. Each piece, be it a sequined skirt or a sparkly top, is crafted to catch every eye and light up every room. Its fashion made fun, simple, and absolutely stunning. So step up, dress up, and let Queen of Sparkles turn everyday into a dazzling fashion statement!

The Story Behind Queen of Sparkles

“Queen of Sparkles” is a clothing brand all about putting a little bit of sparkle and fun into your closet. The brand was started by Jaime Glas Odom in March of 2021.

Jaime, who loved anything that sparkled, didn’t want to design clothes that were at all dull. She’d pick up sequined items in secondhand shops and dress up to go and watch football and go to parties. Jaime, an engineer, used to design flame-resistant work jumpsuits for women.

The brand is known for its sparkly, novelty pieces like sweaters, dresses, and skirts that are perfect for any occasion. 

They believe that you’re never fully dressed without a sparkle! With limited-edition collections released every season, wearing “Queen of Sparkles” means you’ll always stand out. 

The brand is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and it’s a hit across the U.S., with over 1,000 stores stocking its products. 

They also ship worldwide, so anyone can get a piece of the sparkle. It’s a brand that encourages women to shine bright and feel confident in what they wear.

Queen of Sparkles: Clothing Features

Sparkle and Shine 

Every piece from Queen of Sparkles is designed to catch the light and make you the star of the show. Whether it’s sequins, glitter, or shiny embellishments, these clothes are made to sparkle.

Comfort Meets Style 

While they dazzle, these clothes are also comfortable. The brand ensures that you can shine all day or night without any discomfort.

Unique and Playful Designs 

From mermaid motifs to starfish patterns, Queen of Sparkles brings a playful twist to fashion. Their designs are unique, ensuring you wear something as special as you are.

Quality Fabrics 

The brand uses quality materials that not only look good but feel great on your skin. They’re durable, so your sparkle lasts as long as your clothes do.

Versatile Wear 

Queen of Sparkles offers clothing for various occasions. Whether you’re heading to a party or just want to add some fun to your day, there’s something for everyone.

Best Selling Items



  • Teal Mermaid, Coral & Shell Terry Cloth Tank: A summer favorite for its cool terry cloth material and vibrant sea-inspired prints.


  • Teal Mermaid, Coral & Shell Terry Cloth Skort: Perfect for those who want the fun of a skirt with the comfort of shorts.


  • Light Blue ‘Vacay’ Sweatshirt: A cozy sweatshirt that brings the vacation vibes with its fun print.

These items showcase the brand’s commitment to creating clothing that’s not just fashionable but also fun and full of personality. Queen of Sparkles encourages everyone to embrace their inner sparkle and shine bright in their everyday life.

Accessories by Queen Of Sparkles

Queen of Sparkles isn’t just about clothes; they also have a sparkling selection of accessories to add that extra shine to your look. Here’s a glimpse into their accessory line:

Rhinestone Tumblers

These aren’t your ordinary drink containers. The Rhinestone Tumblers come in various colors like white iridescent and purple, each adorned with shiny rhinestones. They’re perfect for making a statement, even when you’re just sipping your favorite drink.

Gift Cards

For those who love the sparkle but can’t decide what to get, Queen of Sparkles offers Gift Cards. It’s a thoughtful way to let someone choose their own glittery accessory.

‘Mama’ Socks

These cozy socks come with the word ‘Mama’ bedazzled on them, making them a fun gift or a personal treat for mothers who love a bit of sparkle in their step.

Each accessory is designed with the same attention to detail and love for sparkle that you find in their clothing. Whether you’re accessorizing for a day out or just want to bring some glitter into your daily life, Queen of Sparkles has something to make you shine.

Where to Buy Queen of Sparkles Products?

You can buy Queen of Sparkles products directly from their official website. They have a wide range of sparkly clothing and accessories available for purchase online. Additionally, you can find their products at various retailers across the United States.

To locate a store near you that carries Queen of Sparkles items, you can visit their ‘Where To Find Queen’ page on their website. 

Another option is Teal Poppy, an online boutique that features a selection of Queen of Sparkles products. These sites offer a convenient way to shop for all your favorite sparkly fashion pieces right from the comfort of your home.

Bottom Line

Queen of Sparkles brings a world of glitter and comfort to your doorstep. Their unique, playful designs ensure you’re always the brightest star in the room. With easy online shopping, anyone in the US can join the sparkle revolution.