Technology changes virtually every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way production and distribution companies do their business. Furthermore, the chemical industry has left the old ways and has adopted the use of technology. Chemical Firms like Ram Charan Co Pvt Ltd have effectively utilized technology to aid their business.

Ram Charan Co Pvt Ltd is a chemical distribution company based in Chennai, India. Ram Charan is one of the best in India and has other businesses like rubber and plastic production.

The Chemical Firms and Technology

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Sharing of Information and Cloud Storage

Gone are the days when you needed to store every piece of information on a paper document. Thankfully, computers, external storage, and the internet have replaced paper files as storage devices. Now you can store your data and documents on your computers, external storage, and cloud storage. Cloud storage is the process where you store your data online. You can access the data anytime, anywhere, provided you have an internet connection.


Initially, the Chemical Firms found it hard to trust cloud storage systems because of a data breach. They were afraid that sensitive information may be leaked for malicious purposes. Then they realized that with cloud storage, the storage, management, and processing of data is easier and faster. 

Moreover, new and advanced technologies have emerged that make it safe to use cloud storage. In addition, there are new authentication and authorization methods that make cloud storage more secure. Furthermore, you can store huge data online for a competitive price. Also, some cloud storage platforms offer other services that are beneficial to their clients at a discount price. This includes analytical tools, location detection, hazard alert, and so on.

Complex Data Analytics for Maintenance

Analytical tools analyze the data stored in the database for proper efficiency and effectiveness. 

Chemical Firms can use high-tech analytical tools to monitor their data, no matter how huge it is. This way, they can know which equipment needs maintenance and which one they should replace. This will also prevent future accidents.

Predictive Technology

Chemical Firms should invest in predictive technology that will alert them whenever there will be a problem. This will help prevent any future problems from occurring. While some traditional chemical manufacturers will argue that predictive technologies are not always 100% accurate, it’s safer to have them. Otherwise, you might end up regretting your decision to bypass these tools. So do away with the traditional ways of doing things and adjust to modern technology.

Benefits of Predictive Technologies

The application of high-tech predictive technologies and analytics lets you know why equipment breaks down. When you know the cause(s) of the breakdown, you can avoid it next time. You may even appoint technical staff to monitor the equipment so that the staff can repair or change the equipment. Doing so will improve work and production efficiency, and work-related accidents. Additionally, it will lessen the equipment downtown a lot and extend its lifespan.

Furthermore, Chemical Firms that use analytical tools in their operations have been seeing positive signs in their work.

An Example

A chemical manufacturing company –  whose main plant had issues with recirculating and discharging pumps. Whenever a pump stopped working, they had to halt production for 10 hours. They needed to do so to replace it with a new one. This caused a delay in the production and delivery of chemicals. Apart from that, the company incurred huge losses and expenses every time this happens. This is because the plant is unable to produce any chemicals while waiting for a new pump. Furthermore, the price of a pump is high, so replacing a pump every time costs money. The company had challenges as multiple engineers were called to assess the plant, but couldn’t find the root cause. The engineers also used various processing methods, seals, and pump materials to no avail.


Ram Charan Co Pvt Ltd Says, fortunately, things got better when the company used advanced analytic tools and techniques. The firm first analyzed the data collected from several sensors by consulting their engineers. Then the data were compiled together and re-assessed. Additionally, the firm got data from another source and re-checked the production variables involved at the plant. Afterward, the firm was able to create a new technique that will predict when a problem occurs.

The Circular Economy’s Approach

This is an old approach that has not been fully implemented by the Chemical Firms. It is a holistic and cost-effective way of producing chemicals. Its usefulness to the sector cannot be overemphasized, and we should progressively implement this. 

About the Circular Economy

This production model takes into consideration the way chemicals affect our environment and society. It shuns the disposal of chemical waste materials by chemical manufacturing firms. This concept aims to focus on how Chemical Firms will benefit society. Furthermore, it seeks to encourage the use of renewable energy that will not destroy the earth. Companies that use the circular economy have improved their social, natural, and economic growth.


While the circular economy is an applaudable model, companies using this model will find their bottom line & acceptability going up significantly. 

Lastly, Ram Charan Co Pvt Ltd advises chemical companies to integrate advanced technology into their work. The company advises them to combine technology with the circular economy to increase efficiency and protect the environment.