The events could be birthdays, graduations, retirements, job promotions, and many more. Of course, there are situations when you can decide to toast yourself.

Jewelry comes with a beauty you cannot ignore. The beauty of repurpose jewelry gives it the focal point as a natural way to celebrate special moments. Also, it has undeniable endurance that makes it best fit tribute to the events that we need to remember forever.

After many years of using particular jewelry, for instance, a wedding ring, you may want to redesign and restyle it. This is because in life, things like taste, style may change over time, and you get the urge to redesign your engagement ring. This can be done depending on the preference and the needs of the clients.

In this article, you will find ten extraordinary repurpose jewelry ideas that you can use in 2020.
repurpose jewelry

  1. Beaded sandals

Are you looking to repurpose jewelry to something like sandals? If your jewelry looks older, you can change then to the design you need. You can try the sandals strap from your old piece of jewelry. This is one of the fantastic jewelry redesign ideas. Do not throw away the beads that are in the strands. Instead, sew them into your sandals in an attractive pattern and make unique footwear.

  1. Shadowbox jewelry display

Create a shadow box, and then add your clear pictures and costume jewelry. It is a unique method that will help you keep memories of your loved ones. You can then add unique pieces of jewelry.

  1. Jeweled Christmas tree

This is a significant redesign idea that will maintain the significance of the Christmas celebration. Although it is a challenging project, it is worth your effort since it enhances the day.

  1. Jeweled photo frames


Photos give us great memories of different moments, events, and stages in life. You can add more beauty to the images by using repurpose jewelry like the old vintage that will turn your photo into something more ordinary.

  1. Jewelry wedding bouquet

Wedding celebrations are an essential event in anyone’s life. Creating unique jewelry for the event makes it more remarkable. It is not a must to have a bouquet. You can have to make a unique stunning jeweled wedding bouquet.

  1. Repurpose jewelry camera strap

This is a piece of jewelry restyle idea that will make your camera have a lovely look. Many people like taking pictures. If you carry your camera around, let it have a fantastic look with this repurpose jewelry.

  1. Jeweled drawer pulls

If you love appearing unique at work, this redesign is meant for you. You can restyle this using old jewelry. You can use it for your handles in the kitchen or dresser’s drawers. ¬†Your jeweler can even use them to make stud earrings, add them on a hair clip or top, etc. The ideas he can come up with are endless.
repurpose jewelry

  1. Curtain tieback

You can make your curtains look beautiful using this unique jewelry redesign idea that adds romantic sparkle to your windows. Be creative enough to make it appear decent, yet it is from the old jewelry.

  1. Pot planter

If you have a collection and want to make this repurpose jewelry idea, this is an excellent project to undertake. You are required to disarrange your jewelry and fix them in a pot. After that, go ahead and plant your flowers in it.

  1. Broach Wreath

If your jewelry has retro brooches, it is good to put to beautiful use by making up this idea. Once you create a wreath, you can hang it on your door and use it as a welcoming message in the guest room.
repurpose jewelry


It is possible to repurpose jewelry and redesign your jewelry without having to change its purpose. The above list contains exceptional jewelry restyling ideas that you can employ in 2020. This is a way that helps keep your accessories updated yet passing a similar message.