Get ready to explore the fascinating world of Sam Morelos and discover the proud Filipino-American heritage that shapes their identity. In this article, we will uncover everything you need to know about Sam Morelos’ ethnicity, age, career, and more.

Just like the popular TV series That ’70s Show making a comeback with That ’90s Show, Sam Morelos is also grabbing the spotlight and bringing excitement to the arts.

So, let’s dive into the realm of Sam Morelos’ ethnicity and learn about their remarkable journey towards representation in the arts.

Sam Morelos’ Ethnicity: Filipino-American

Samantha Morelos (also known as Sam Morelos) was born on 7 July 2005. She has Filipino parents, Beeboy Morelos and Jennifer Esclamado-Morelos, which means she is of Filipino ethnicity. But she is also American because she was born and raised in California. Sam grew up in a loving and supportive home alongside her brother, Matthew Morelos.

From a young age, Sam had a passion for music and started playing the violin. Her brother, Matthew, played a big role in encouraging her love for performing by practicing together. As she grew up, Sam developed a strong interest in musical theater. At 5’5″, she is of average height, but she wields a great deal of influence in her field.

Sam Morelos: Discovering Filipino Culture Through TV

Sam Morelos grew up immersing herself in Filipino TV shows, which helped her learn the language. By watching these programs, she picked up new phrases and even started calling her older sibling “Kuya,” which means brother in Filipino. Sam Morelos’ ethnicity influenced her connection to these TV shows, allowing her to explore and appreciate Filipino culture and language.

Sam Morelos: A Rising Star on the Horizon

Sam Morelos discovered her passion for acting as she got older and decided to pursue it seriously. She took part in workshops, auditions, and seminars to improve her skills. Eventually, she scored a role in the short film “Extraordinary Night” in 2016.

At the age of 13, Morelos got the chance to be part of the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO) after landing the lead role in the musical production of “Pippin.” In January 2018, she enrolled at the California School of the Arts San Gabriel Valley to hone her skills.

netflix series that 90s show

In 2023, Morelos had her big break on television with the Netflix series “That ’90s Show.” She portrayed Nikki with a gifted ensemble cast, featuring Reyn Doi, Maxwell Acee Donovan, Wilmer Valderrama, Callie Haverda, Kurtwood Smith, Ashley Aufderheide, Debra Jo Rupp,Mace Coronel, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon, and more.

As a fresh face in the industry, there isn’t much information available about Sam Morelos online.

Sam Morelos: Connecting to Culture and Celebrating Representation

Sam Morelos and her family make sure to stay close to their cultural roots. Being in touch with their heritage is important to them. They enjoy doing things that help them feel connected, like shopping at Filipino supermarkets.

Morelos is proud to represent her community and culture on Netflix. When she was growing up, she didn’t see many people like her on screen, so it meant a lot to her to see herself represented.

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What to Watch on Netflix

In December 2018, Morelos and her mother gave an impressive performance on stage, singing “What About Love.” It was a fantastic moment that entertained the audience. Morelos felt emotional when she saw the Filipino baby character in the movie “Pixar’s Float.”

It was the first time she saw someone who looked like her. Morelos thinks it’s important to have people you can relate to and share experiences with.

In 2020, a touching moment captured the actress and her mother singing along to a beloved song by the veteran singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, “Make You Feel My Love.”


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From time to time, the actress takes to social media to share heartwarming snapshots of her family. Alongside these precious moments, she adds sweet tributes that express her profound love and admiration for her loved ones. These gestures serve as a testament to the strong connection and cherished memories she shares with her family.


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Morelos has family in the Philippines and Los Angeles. This is great for her because she can spend time with both sides of her family. Speaking Tagalog, their native language, with her relatives helps make their bond even stronger.

Sam Morelos: Helping Filipino Artists

Sam Morelos wants to help young artists follow their dreams. When she started, she didn’t have much experience or connections in the industry. But now, she wants to use her voice to support others.

Being on Netflix gives Morelos the chance to represent her culture and community to the world. She is proud of her Filipino heritage and wants to inspire other Filipino artists to be proud too. She wants them to be themselves and chase their dreams without fear.

Bottom Line

Sam Morelos’ ethnicity has played a significant role in shaping their identity and connection to Filipino culture. With their rising career in the arts, Morelos is dedicated to representing their community and supporting other Filipino artists in pursuing their dreams.