Explaining the life’s purpose of Saints, Peer-recluse, Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that saints discuss the spirituality only. They explain to everybody that what is spiritualism, and how to profess the same. How to lead the life on the path of Ram Naam? Just as a tree never consumes its own fruits Ocean or tank, never drink their own waters. That all is meant for the use of others and for their benefits. Similarly, saints, Peer- Faquirs, conduct Sat Sangs. They sing the praises of Allah, Waheguru, God, Khuda Rabb, Ishwar. There is no personal motive of them behind it except professing spirituality. Every person who is sad grieved that man who has lost his self-confidence, and whose desire to live life has been shattered.

That person who has adopted drugs as a way of life that one who has shunned humanity and adopted savaged life. In order to boost their morals, to enhance their self-confidence and to grant them balmy treatment, saints, Peer-Faquirs, do organize the Sat Sang.

Respected Guru Ji exhorts if Sat sang is listened with full trust, devotion and attention then the aim of life is insured. Just like life insurance Sat sang is the insurance of the soul. You gain spiritual peace here as well there in the next world. The trouble of wandering here ends and the trouble of trans-migration also ceases. Man must earn by the sweat of his brow. Commenting upon this issue His Holiness said that the duty of a person towards his wife, children must be done faithfully. Earn by dint of hard labor and honest means for it. It is important to earn money for living but to live for earning only is wrong. It is a dangerous period of Kaliyuga. It is very tough yet not impossible for one to earn through truthful means and recite Ram Naam. The earnings of hard work prove like nectar, ‘Hari-ras’ His Highness says that many varieties of parts are being manufactured in factories but man is not built anywhere. Today they faced looks like that of a human being but they are savages from inside. So far that savageness is not pushed out man cannot be called a man. Today man has become a master chameleon. Chameleon takes time to change its color but the man turns color in no time. Some man is talking to you and during the course of talks, if he feels that the color of your face has changed, he will immediately change and change the course of his talk. But in Sat sang such deeds of Satan are stopped, savageness is dropped, and humanity and sanity are cultivated.

Elaborating upon the issue of female foeticide Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that it is happening daringly& continuously that Girl Children are killed in the womb itself. Cow slaughter has been declared as a grave sin in our religions. Then girl slaughter is many hundred times grave sin. You might have heard that female snake eats her own issues but today man is eating his own children.

In foreign countries, a fetus is eaten like chicken. This is also happening in our country. You claim that we have done safari (abortion). The meaning of it is that the living fetus has been cut into pieces with a knife or burnt with an acid like chemical and the living fetus dries up, then pulled out and thrown in the dust bin where dogs eat it up by plucking piece by piece. Those who claim themselves to be a man must die of shame because man is he who becomes a shield against the evil and save one’s children. But shame must befall upon such men, who kill their own daughters with their own hands.

If you claim to be a man then why did you not strangulate your mother who gave you the birth as she was also a woman? Now you roam around her saying mother-mother repeatedly. Mother has been given a place of high esteem in our religions. It is the 2nd biggest position after God. But that mother who kills her daughters in her womb is not worthy to be called as a mother or God but a witch. Doctors, Vaids, Hakims are meant for saving the lives of peoples. Those doctors who kill the girl child in the womb for a few rupees are called merciless butchers in our religions. Therefore you are requested to become a good father first before becoming a husband.

You become God later on first become a good mother. Oh, doctors! Vaids, Hakims, whatever you have read for saving the lives please show us by acting upon that. Do not make doctor as other professions, Medical treatment is such an area in which if you will target money as your goal then you will do operation instead of injection because in an injection there is merely a saving of Rs 20/- while if the operation will be worth Rs15000/-then there will be saving of Rs. 10,000/-.Those who do so are worthy of condemnation along with their mothers who gave birth to such children. Therefore do not kill girl child. If you have more daughters, give them to us. We have built a Shahi Beti Ashram at Sirsa where those daughters are settled who was to be killed by the society. But now they live in AC rooms, studying in CBSE board. Most of them have reached up to National Games and attaining up to 94% marks. Therefore please do not kill your daughters. Hand them over to us because there are crores of our daughters. If some more will come then it would not make any difference to us. We will nurture them and you will be absolved of the sin of murder.

Man must not drink Alcohol. Commenting upon this issue His Gracious says that alcohol in Hindu religion was received when churning of the ocean was done and was consumed by savages. Therefore Hindu religion considers this as a drink of savages. It is a truth that the mind turns wild by drinking wine. A drunkard beats her mother, wife, daughters, sisters at night and sits with folded hands in the morning in remorse, saying that it was not myself but someone else In Islam religion ‘Sharab’ is said to be as Shar+aab while Shar means Satan and Aab means water. Oh, the devotees of Allah! Never drink this water of satan otherwise your prayers will fall to dust and you will go to the hell. All intoxicants have been decried in Sikh religion as well. The intoxicant of alcohol, opium, hemlock [Dhatura], opium-balls and ‘mud’ [drug-LSD]if taken during the morning gets down by the evening, and if drank in the evening ends in the morning. These are dirty intoxicants. If you have to take any intoxicant then take it for Ram Naam. This intoxication if effects will never come down throughout your lifetime, in both the worlds. It will continue to keep you intoxicated with bliss. It will grant you with non-stop glee and grace. Therefore adopt the intoxication of Ram Naam.

His Holiness says that these days common men are inclined towards the consumption of cigarettes, bidi, zarda [chewing tobacco] etc. to a large extent. A man told me that he cultivates opium balls in his fields and the Govt. has issued him a permit for it. These are being used in the preparation of allopathic medicines. When did we ask from him whether he cultivates opium balls solely for use in allopathic medicines? Then he said that since he had adopted him as Guru so he would not tell a lie. If 100 kilos are grown then 30 kilos are sent for allopathic medicines and 70 kgs are sold as intoxicants. Then I asked whether he sells ground opium balls as quite pure? He said “No, we mix excreta of camels, donkeys, elephants, horses, and sawdust in it as well”

One gentleman of Panchkula told that it happens in case of zarda/ chewing tobacco also, as we mix the powder of dead lizards, powder of sewerage and after adding some ingredient of sweet smell and packing them in glittering packets, sell them out. You people tear this packet from one corner, pour the contents on your palm, mix lime and rub. Put the contents in your mouth, spit out and claim to be incomparable great man!  No doubt brother! None is comparable with you. Our seniors used to drink whey, curd or milk but none of them touched dirt to their mouths.

Due to these eatables, cancer is increasing these days. The cancer of lips, tongue, cheeks, throat, stomach, womb, bladder, food poisoning, acidity, ulcer, shortening of mouth/hand, swelling of mouth, heart attack, blood pressure, paralysis, decaying of feet, asthma and breathing ailments, lung cancer, quickening  of old age, wrinkles over face etc all are the results of these things. So brothers! Shun them, these are very dirty things enhancing destruction. Some persons say,” Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji!  What is the alternative because we have become habitual.” So please keep cardamom, cloves in your mouth. These will help in countering the ailments of your mouth, strengthen your teeth, gums and clean your breath. If these go inside the belly then these help to improve your digestion. Hence leave these dirty intoxicants.