Love requires actions if you want to express yourself vividly. Even though there are many ways to express your love, sending flowers is the best way. Words are great, but they are not enough to show how much you love someone. Sending or giving someone floral or any type of gift shows that you are seriously in love with him or her and want to make them happy. Flowers are divine romantic gifts that hold a soft spot in everyone’s heart. 

Online flower delivery stores such as Cosmea Gardens have made it easier for loved birds to express their affections through flowers. No matter where you live, flowers can be delivered straight to your doorstep while still fresh and in good condition. In this article, we will share with you the various reasons you need to express your love by sending flower baskets to that special person who means the world to you. Read on for inspiration.

To Establish Friendship

When you have started going out with someone, you need to express your thoughts. Flowers are the best romantic gifts of all time because they are beautiful and carry lots of symbolism. If you have just started going out, the best flower basket to give someone should be filled with pink or yellow flowers. Yellow flowers represent friendship, while pink flowers convey tender love that is yet to mature. If you feel that yellow roses are too conventional, you can try out other blooms like orchids or lilies. If you have been going out for a while now and want to express passionate love, the best bunches are red roses. 

To Express Romantic Love for Person Special 

Flower baskets also make awesome gifts for those who need to declare their romantic love to their partners. You can feel or arrange the basket beautifully with romantic flowers such as red tulips or red roses. A combination of blooms is also sweet because it makes the gift look vibrant. To make the romantic flower basket more impressive, you can add a note with sweet words of love. It can be a romantic poem or a simple romantic quote. Red flowers symbolize passion; that is why they are considered to be the best romantic flowers. 

To Apologize to Your Partner 

No matter the kind of relationship that you share with anyone, misunderstandings are bound to happen. Even love birds go through a rough patch. When this happens, you need a way to express your apology. Sending or offering someone a basket of flowers is a great way to tell your partner how sad and embarrassed you are for the disagreement that you had. Make the flower basket look more beautiful by adding a box of chocolate wrapped up pretty nicely. You can also include a letter written to apologize for the mistake you made and how you will make it up for it.

To Make the Romantic Occasion Look and Feel Special

Another great thing about flowers is that they are perfect for all sorts of occasions. You can send a basket of flowers to your spouse’s or partner’s birthday to wish him or her a happy birthday. You can also send fresh flowers to your spouse who lives far away from you to wish them a happy Valentine’s Day or when they are graduating, during your anniversary, and many other romantic occasions. Flowers are always charming and relaxing, making them perfect romantic gifts.

To Surprise Your Romantic Partner 

Sometimes, you don’t need a romantic occasion to send romantic flower baskets to your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can surprise him or her at work, home, or hospital. Flowers from Cosmea Gardens flower delivery are exquisitely arranged to make them look unique in every way regardless of the occasion. The bigger, the better. If you want to serenade your spouse, we’ve got all the romantic flowers you can think of. You can also order custom or personalized flower baskets to make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. 


In any event or occasion, floral gifts are always impressive. Flowers come in many types, colors, sizes, and arrangements; therefore, it is up to you to decide which one will work awesomely in your situation. If you are looking to send or pass a romantic gesture, then you are going to find every kind of romantic flower basket at We have years of experience in flowers, and we always deliver on time!