Getting massive traffic on your site isn’t enough. Of what benefit would it be to drive traffic to your site without converting the visitors into buyers? You’ve got to find a way to persuade them to buy your product or service and keep coming back for more. Partnering with a Los Angeles SEO company for on-page services and more can help you achieve that.

Are you a business owner looking to improve your conversion rate and leads? Here are crucial SEO techniques that can help your business:

1. Work on the Landing Page

SEO-Work on the Landing Page

When visitors click on your link in search engine results pages (SERPs), they are directed to your site. The first page they access on the site is your landing page. So, you want it to look glorious to draw the visitors’ attention and minimize the bounce rate. The colors, fonts, and images must stand out to increase the time visitors stay on your site. They are likely to look at your product or service and place an order with that in place.

2. Make a Persuasive CTA

SEO-Make a Persuasive CTA

Having a landing page with an exciting aesthetic appeal is still not enough. There must be something actionable on the page. Yes, make the visitors reach for their credit cards. Your Los Angeles SEO service provider can help you create an irresistible call to action (CTA). You must have something enticing for the visitors. Giving a discount or free shipping for a particular volume of purchases made is a great idea that converts.

3. Get the Contacts of Leads

SEO-Get the Contacts of Leads

Some of the visitors you get on your site may not come back. Your Los Angeles SEO expert should help you get visitor’s contacts for you to reach out to them later. Get their email addresses and send them emails whenever you have promotional sales. The best way to get their contacts is through the CTA on your landing page. Request for their email addresses before the execution of the CTA.

4. Create Exceptional Content

SEO-Create Exceptional Content

Your site’s content must be flawless and concise. It should focus on the pains of your customers and leads. The content should demonstrate your thorough understanding of their pain points. Convince them how your solution is the best for their needs by explaining its benefits in detail. If your content has these qualities, you are on your way to increasing conversion and leads significantly.

5. Let Customers Give Their Opinion

SEO-Let Customers Give Their Opinion

Your Los Angeles SEO expert should include a place for reviews on your site. Let your customers give their honest opinion on your product or service. That is the only way to know where to do touch-ups to make your product or service better. The more positive reviews you get, the more customers and leads build trust in you. That, in turn, makes the conversion of leads into buyers easy and long-term.

6. Increase Your Site’s Speed

SEO-Increase Your Site's Speed

Site visitors have a preference for sites that respond fast when they click on a link or button. Besides Google reducing your ranking from your site’s slowness, the visitors may not have the patience to wait for a slow page to load. Good On-page services should ensure your site is optimized to keep the page loading speed optimum all the time. Once the speed is excellent, you will see an improvement in the conversion rate.

Final Words

Implementing the SEO techniques we’ve discussed in this article will undoubtedly boost your conversion and leads for a long time. Your Los Angeles SEO service provider can help you with the implementation. We can help if you are looking for on-page SEO services and any other SEO services that improve your conversion and lead. Please reach out to us today!