No matter if you play sports at a professional level or in the weekend as a hobby, anyone who loves playing sports in everyday life must have faced injury at some point in his athletic career. When it comes to sports injury, it may be critical or minor that can be easily noticeable. Others are chronic, serious conditions that may have more delicate signs. Sometimes we neglect the pain or sometimes we take too much time in getting an evaluation from the experts. According to experts, it is very important to get the treatment done at the right time from the right professionals.

Maybe this is why the experts of XL physical therapy recommend Sports injury rehab specialist for any kind of sports injury. The process of rehabilitating is divided into five stages. Let’s explore the stages.

XL Physical Therapy - Sports injury

Reduction of Pain and Swelling

In the first stage of the rehabilitation process, specialist focus on the reduction of pain and swelling of the injured area. They either choose physical therapy, manual therapy, or a combination of both. The use of these different healing techniques brings more effective results as compared to the use of drugs. Furthermore, these techniques play a key role in bringing more flexibility in the body.

Restoration of Joint Mobility and range of motion

In the second stage of rehabilitation, a specialist focus on restoring the full range of motion to a joint. Mainly it restores a particular movement without causing sensation or pain. The specialist uses the various technique during this process including joint mobilization and muscle stretching. According to experts, it is necessary to try to start attaining joint mobility as soon as possible as it helps to obtain a fast complete recovery.

Recovery of Muscle Strength and Endurance

In the third stage of rehabilitation, specialist focus on restoring muscle strength and endurance through load progression. According to experts, at this stage, it is necessary to measure the progress and it can be done through isokinetic tests and functional assessments.

Recovery of Co-ordination

At this stage, the main focus is on the recovery of co-ordination. If the injury is in the musculoskeletal frame, it can cause variation to the body’s proprioceptive mechanisms. Basically, this mechanism allows an individual to sense the spatial positioning of his limbs.

The result of this proprioceptive rehabilitation does not depend on time, quality or quantity of training. It basically depends on the skills and experience of the practitioner.

Recovery of Sport- Specific Technical Movements

The fifth and last stage of this rehabilitation process is the recovery of complex movements depend on the patient’s sport or activity. This is a part of rehabilitation is actually perform open field. It does not require rigorous routine, instead, it can be done gradually day-to-day by the practitioner. The process and recovery totally depend on the patient’s unique responses to training.

Final Words

So these are five stages of sports injury rehabilitation. According to Sports injury rehab specialist, before you choose sports injury rehabilitation, it is better to take a free evaluation and second opinion at XL physical therapy.